Shanghai Longfeng combat and optimizing

each image Img tags for example: imgsrc="贵族宝贝.cn/images/logo_about.gif" alt=" Shanghai; Phoenix; Hangzhou search engine optimization services " / search engine reads the property to understand the image information. Therefore, the best in the Alt attribute of all illustrations are text, and bring the page keyword in the.

website image optimization. Increase search engine visible text description, and try to compress image while maintaining the image quality under the condition of the file size.

(3) increase as "more in the picture below or beside……" Links include keywords.


(2) add a keyword of the heading contains the title tag in the code, then add text in the picture below.

2. text

1.Alt property

3.GIF and JPGE

There are two core image optimization read more

The love of Shanghai artificial intervention those things

there are many "experts" in Shanghai dragon can not solve the problem, always think of the site must be love Shanghai artificial intervention, and even help some just started Shanghai dragon Er solution optimization problem also mentioned this. Site drop right, included the chain, and so can reduce the snapshot problem to solve by using the "love Shanghai artificial intervention". Imagine that your love is necessary in Shanghai station time to concern you as of 2012 in the domestic record network number reached 2 million 680 thousand (not including a large number of overseas host on the Chinese website), the industry involved too many to count how much time to Shanghai, love you artificial intervention. >

as now I am engaged in cosmetic industry, commonly used in the main keywords "XXX plastic surgery hospital, XXX plastic, specific words appear in these industries will have to intervene, mentioned here is only the level of intervention mechanism algorithm (algorithm different from conventional), but not to engage in this industry website in too much intervention. For example, the word than the results from the political direction (such as leader name search results sensitive word information) if careful people will find. Before the eighteen or earlier, love Shanghai "(XI) (Shanghai)" love does not prompt " according to the relevant laws and regulations and policies, some search results are not displayed, and eighteen " then there is a. After all, every day in the Internet on the latest generated hundreds of millions of pages, the spider crawl collection design of all walks of life, the theme of the page and is of the order of tens of thousands of keywords, is never carried out by manual intervention. read more