The idea and method of a website planning

with the current revolution in the network, more and more people want to be their own webmaster, but do something specific and do not know, this article is to help you solve this problem. Of course, this is not all of my original, is to your successful webmaster predecessors to learn, part of the essence of content, I feel very effective, so the original share to everyone, hope to all of us useful!


marketing is the most important part of website marketing, but it is only part of the market operation, so for marketing, the platform is the foundation, and the content is the key. So before the promotion, we must first site construction, content strong. Especially for new sites, the early planning is very important! First, some ideas about planning. I also learn to come here, now, through the above theory, we may feel is not intuitive, is too abstract, process planning following me through my personal website "M.E. city", to analyze how I use. read more

The benefits of station links and the SEO optimization strategy

Wuhan SEO blog mix boy restored a little weight yesterday, and then in the evening when the keyword "SEO" in Wuhan rose to third, but today see, ranking dropped to second pages, but this is always a good thing, the weight of at least also recovered a bit, if not believe what the problem is then, the weight of the overall recovery is not difficult, at this time also thanks to some friends to always pay attention to my site, where the way ahead for a Happy Mid Autumn Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day holiday to. Wish you always happy, always lucky, safe and sound all year round match, annual health, family reunion!

website optimization friends are confined to the chain, stop the chain, I remember my QQ group there are many friends hate all day long in the chain to see who the hair, where the chain effect is good, anyway, about the link, I didn’t see a man said the station links, external links are to say, here I want to say, if only relying on external links the site optimization ranking, who can do, because the chain work everyone can do work, no one knows the truth, people will do the chain one hour a day to do the chain, I spend 2 hours a day can always go, pull so much, just want to tell some new friends, it is very important in optimizing the internal links in the SEO website, because this often involves the above structure optimization and anchor text optimization And so on. read more

Web users are more important than content

Internet after ten years of development, many of the concept of flying all over the sky have been forgotten. After the "new economy", "attention", "hit rate", "traffic" and other concepts have been sought after. During this period, the concept of "content" remained strong, and finally became "content is king"". Thus, the content management company, from YAHOO, Google, 3721, and then to Baidu, gradually occupy the central stage of China’s Internet market. It can be said that they are both the leader and leader of content management. In the content of the king’s age, the management of the content, the management of the Internet, so these companies do not make money.

in the Chinese market, Baidu is naturally among them. Baidu’s success is the pride of the entire Chinese Internet industry. I would very much like Baidu to get on the next level. Therefore, a problem often emerge in the mind: Baidu can go far, the wider Baidu road where? Of course, Baidu technology upgrades, mergers and acquisitions are strengthening means, but this is only in Baidu to build aircraft carriers. Aircraft carrier to sea, after all, or to see the compass, or to ask the way?. Where is the road, read more

Web site outside the chain and content who is more important

what is important content of the website, or the website of the chain is very important, this is a topic of debate, why will cause controversy, there are two reasons, first, no definite conclusion tells us that in the end who is the focus of the second, which in itself is a no answer to the debate. Web site needs content, but also the need for the chain, the content is for the user to see, but also to the search engine to see, but the chain is basically for the search engine and construction. The chain represents the authority of the site, the more the chain, on behalf of the site’s higher degree of recognition, the more content, the more attractive to users.

we can not simply say who is more important, but should say that the chain and content are part of the optimization of the site, are equally important. A website can not lose, can not lose the link, the Internet itself is composed of a link, no links there is no Internet domain name itself is a link, I think this sentence is very good, in other words, no link to the Internet would not exist, the Internet is the first link by the the second is the content. The user needs to see the site’s content, is not an empty link to the user, the link is just a virtual thing, browsing a website, need to see the useful information, this is the biggest user demand. read more

Summon dragon Look at community operations What can you do with your collection

I don’t know what I’m talking about today. What’s the jargon in psychology?. Just like stamp collecting, users will spare no effort to collect virtual objects or real objects that TA considers valuable in the community, so that TA will get more satisfaction, and the more the number, the more exciting TA will feel.

in fact, many of us have this psychological tendency in real life, but the community users are more obvious, so today I’m here to talk about this topic with you. In the process of chatting, I will add some application parts in the operation and product work.


community users want most must be something they don’t get in real life,

this is really good to understand. Why is the Internet community all product forms, the most able to help and promote the form of a user landing? Users play the community itself is in fact to find the existence of a sense of identity, sense of belonging, a lot of time is often in real life can not meet their demands for some, so came to a community. read more

The night dream cold work day will do the ordinary webmaster

regular webmaster daily work:

station is undoubtedly a very hard occupation, if it is a part-time webmaster, it would be hard to do, because a station work every day is too much, just like me, since the flower dream female network ( after all, feel the time is not enough, can not wait to 24 hours a day extended to 48 hours a day. "Do so tired? I do not think?" if you see here to ask such a phrase, then you must be one of the following two types: one is the demon class webmaster, technology, talent, diligence, experience in one of the business, and even a few dozen sites in the elite this is the webmaster webmaster, certainly will not feel tired; two is the new new webmaster have birds, do not know what should be done to work every day, so do not feel tired.

, take a look at what a regular webmaster has to do every day: read more

How to do the analysis of daily network promotion effect

how to do the daily network promotion effect analysis,


we do network promotion personnel, need to analyze the daily network promotion effect, including every day to their own doing, record, summary, statistics. Finally, an analysis report is formed to reflect the effectiveness of the daily network promotion. And according to this form a management system. This will make it easier for us to schedule our work. It is also convenient to detect problems and correct them in time. How do you record, summarize, and statistics? How do you make the analysis report easier for the enterprise or the management? How to do well the analysis of the daily network promotion effect? The following will be explained.

1. Daily records, summary, statistical arrangement:

Promotion and maintenance of

1. station read more

Group buying model analysis and future development trend

initially learned that the Groupon model was interesting, when I was thinking that such a seemingly cheap start-up cost could produce such a miracle, if it were in COPY TO CHINA, then. Indeed, after 1 months, Chinese everywhere Groupon imitators, hundred regiments kicked off.

Groupon model in China can be so popular, and rapid development, I think the essence is nothing more than 2 points:

1.: the relationship between supply and demand a lot of very clearly, businesses are willing to discount promotions to earn popularity, consumers love promotions, a wish to make a wish to suffer, hit it off, if the 80 percent off movie tickets, 70 percent off of the service, the rigid demand for everyone, this kind of situation, not only I will go, there may also pull colleagues and friends together. From the line of services, this is not new, but today it is put on the Internet to enlarge, so that this demand is more concentrated. read more

Gon Freecss B2C mall website product optimization

Since the use of the Baidu robots

to screen Taobao after the mall model B2C site is a road go on fire, because there is a strong Metrosexual fashionista support, whether personal or business owners boss want to through this network mode make their product sales growth, Gon Freecss today in the optimization of the website products here, only the optimization is not seo.

1, product selection,

in the product selection we must carefully study can not be sloppy in the market, because the product is your soul, we everywhere to do promotion, keywords ranking do go up, also attract users to buy the product, but if there is a problem, you will lead to the loss of a large number of customers, before do promotion is white do.

1, product price

Think of some current users in the online shopping product price above consideration is the most read more

Local real estate network development thinking real estate developers leveraging the government to p

in recent years the real estate website is more and more popular, although prices have been regulated, people who buy a house but did not decrease, which also caused the local real estate website thriving, real estate developers can not sell the house, but the local real estate website but can’t nobody come to visit, because each city a large part of the group need a house, which is part of the group is the object of our fight.

local real estate website wants to develop, it must develop from the real estate business leveraging, because the director has the latest market information, sales of real estate sales prices, real estate opening time, if a local website can not provide the information for the user, then your local sites will not be able to get a good development, and the government is saying to promote the development of the local website, when we run a local website more or less will encounter some bottlenecks and obstacles, the best time and this time the government support is our breakthrough win only to hinder development, government support, what problems can be smoothly done or easily solved, can also be increased step by step, when I run the Baoding real estate network when one thing, many property developers threatened me to shut down my real estate website, and to the government for the unmoved Support, and finally, my local property network is not only the first place in the minds of the local people, but also received tens of thousands of advertising fees, this is the government to promote development. read more