And take measures to safeguard public safety travel

"Eleven" golden week is approaching, in order to do a good job during the holiday Road, waterway transport organization and production safety work, to ensure the safety of passengers, convenient travel. Recently, the reporter learned that the Provincial Department of transportation will take a variety of measures during the national day to protect the safety of public travel. It is reported that during the National Day this year, the province’s road transport volume will reach 1 million 180 thousand passengers, an increase of 8%, waterway passenger traffic will reach 20 thousand passengers. According to the new characteristics of the National Day holiday this year, holiday transportation market demand analysis of provincial transportation department to strengthen the scientific prediction of traffic flow, road and waterway traffic, reasonable arrangements for transportation and shifts, scientific organization of transport to meet passenger demand. Road transport: focus on strengthening the city and surrounding tourist attractions, attractions and bus stations, train stations and other passenger hub of the city public transportation and tourism passenger capacity investment, according to the traffic situation, timely adjust the frequency, timely open plus (a ship) and chartered bus (ship), avoid passengers stranded. Supervise road passenger transport enterprises to strictly implement the vehicle safety inspection system, long-distance passenger train at 2 pm to 5 pm, parking break system operating vehicle dynamic monitoring measures and safety information system, to strictly enforce the provisions of the "three don’t stop, six could not stand the car passenger station. Water transport: strengthen the operation scheduling, ensure vehicle class punctuality, take the time to extend the ticket, the ticket window added and other measures to facilitate passenger bus tickets (ship); additional service personnel, strengthen the sick and pregnant population focused care service efforts; keep the car (boat) bus (boat) appearance tidy according to the provisions of the equipment and the use of various service facilities; strict implementation of the road transportation fare policy.  

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