Three trick to build up the family fortunes cannot do without

what is most wonderful entrepreneurial wealth? Successful experience, nothing more than three categories, namely, new type, type and Lirenliji type. These millionaires are not more than 40 years of age, there is no one from a commercial family, the cause of the starting point is not high, the way they can be broadly classified into the following three categories.

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to wait for the opportunity, experienced entrepreneurs need to start empty-handed hardships, young people are no exception. America · Katz and Dana · Lovett, fought in various industries, in New York for many years, have been looking for a suitable opportunity. An accidental opportunity, Microsoft Corp ordered a number of gift bags to them, which makes them aimed at the multinational gift market. Deal between multinational companies over the years, and in 2004 they France franchise package industry Wang reached a cooperation agreement, the opportunity to make their sales of $9 million last year.

New type

At the age of 36 dimensional


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