Open breakfast shop to make money What are the specific profits

each entrepreneur wants to find a promising, easy to make money to start the project, then you are also very optimistic about the breakfast shop profits? Want to know some breakfast shop to make money do not make money? What are the profits? Let’s make a brief introduction below.

"in the eyes of many people, breakfast shop is relatively low profit, it is not the case, if you run a good profit is still very impressive." Yu Qian told reporters that the breakfast shop investment is very small, the store does not need too much, do a good job, but also a part-time business, a month down, the total profit can reach seven thousand or eight thousand, more stable.

1, shop started operation, the volume of business is certainly not, according to the minimum ordering quantity calculation, 1000 servings per day, breakfast standard 2 yuan each, the total income of 2000 yuan a day, a month is 60 thousand yuan;

2, shop need to recruit staff, pastry chef, nutrition experts, business managers, buyers, miscellaneous workers and other personnel. The estimated monthly wage is 15000 yuan, 1600 yuan monthly rent, telephone charges 600 yuan per month, and about 1200 yuan, dining car, fuel costs and total cost of 2000 yuan, the purchase of raw materials 20000 yuan, unforeseen costs 1600 yuan, 3000 yuan of tax, the total monthly cost of 45000 yuan;

3, shop monthly net profit of 60000-45000 yuan =15000 yuan, a year that is 15000× 12 months =18 million; so less than a year can be returned to the investment and other projects.

? Through the above breakfast on the profits of the introduction, I believe you have some understanding of the breakfast shop project, are you interested in? Here are more breakfast items waiting for you to get a message.

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