These three entrepreneurial dream absolutely can not do

today, more and more people start, many young friends, also have entrepreneurial dreams! Entrepreneurship is a big thing, do you believe that you are ready for these? Do not always look at the entrepreneurial inspirational article, or calm down – from the minds of the most stupid of those entrepreneurial ideas start.

3 the worst start of business

Case1: don’t believe your dream

this is a stone and head of travel backpacker couple, they came to Zhejiang in 2011 in Xitang, fell in love with the town, moving from the hostel opened here. The couple in the budget 200 thousand yuan, finally they fancy a quieter room, an annual rent of 30 thousand yuan. In order to save money, the couple is the boss is busy at the weekend when the clerk, the stone as a customer service, is the head chef. The biggest blow to the green thing, the thought of opening a youth hostel is actually everything is debauch, it’s normal – this is a business.

– what is the thought before the start of the problem?

– why do you want to

away from it?

typical "saw the thief meat does not see the thief beaten". You are a debauch scene touched you, then became a lingering dream business. For this dream, you see: after about 200 thousand yuan of investment, to put all the time to run, a few thousand dollars a month, and the average monthly wage earners almost. Moreover, crazy time. Do not leave the store owner of wild stock or floating clouds?.

Case2: don’t trust the original customer


2008, the Shanghai branch of the international television sector adjustment, was originally responsible for the advertising business in the company of Xie Yiyun is going to start new. 300 thousand yuan start-up capital, the 4 employees and the boss of the 1, the original customer achievement of the company’s first single business. Can be more than 40 thousand yuan per month cost only a few thousand yuan turnover in the first half of the revenue, the company opened a Yiyun Xie borrow money to pay state.

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