New investment in the blank Market family greening

huge market there are a lot of business opportunities, to see if someone can find business opportunities. Now, doctors can be described as a variety of species, but there is no flower doctor.

now in Home Furnishing decoration, green plant has become the indispensable props, but because most people lack of maintenance knowledge, green plants every year into the garbage is not in the minority. Faced with delicate bonsai flowers, people can be a big headache. It is understood that the current army of flowers, about 70% of people are lack of basic knowledge of plant conservation. This situation has led to a new occupation, that is dedicated to helping people Green family, provide maintenance services for all kinds of exotic flowers and rare herbs "family green division".

Such a smart studious working girl is

boss into partner

the boss that misty when the "family green division", immediately aware of the tremendous business opportunities offered to the Green family, and her cooperation. Xiaoxia thought, also feel immediately "go it alone" is not necessarily good, after all, a florist relies on more formal, agreed to request boss.

in order to allow more families to understand family flowers green division, Xiaoxia specially printed propaganda name card. One day, in a misty and old customers there to finish their business, in the customers of the villa area distributed 10 name card, did not expect that within a week, the villa area has 3 customers call to let her go to the bill, a monthly service fee is 300 yuan, 3 customers a year is down more than 10 thousand.

this, Xiaoxia Mozhun market, she recognized the "Green family" is not working consumption, her goal in the high-end market, the "

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