Open smoke hotel should be a big shop or store small cargo

is also a cigarette and liquor vendor and different operators, will have a different understanding, some people think should let the shop area is large enough, enough goods complete, this will attract consumers; while others think it is to open a small shop, but the store more "fine", it is the basis for long-term business shop. So, the opening of the hotel should be large or small shop goods store sperm?

point 1: fear not for money, not afraid of goods

"not afraid not afraid of goods to sell," this is a verbal cigarette and liquor vendor industry, Mr. Jia pointed out. So for the operator, must ensure that the operation of all varieties, with wine for example, liquor, wine, beer have, but also have high low, otherwise the customer need not see a door, will leave, which is equivalent to their own business operators will be blocked at the door. Of course, to the goods, the store area must be small, to open a successful smoke Hotel, store area of at least seventy or eighty square meters.

view 2: store size and market positioning

Liu Dinghui, a Beijing large cigarette and liquor vendor chain responsible person, the phrase: "the store size does not have a rigid index, market positioning depends entirely on the investors." As a Beijing cigarette and liquor vendor in the construction area of the street, and is only twenty or thirty square meters, the sales of wine types are rarely, only sales of wine, whisky, vodka and a small amount of high-end liquor, but the store monthly water 60000 yuan. The reason is the store market positioning is very accurate, because a lot of foreigners gathered on the street outside the building, they Chinese liquor is not too popular, so some more money selling wine. In addition, some villages in the low-end cigarette and liquor vendor, don’t see only the sale of cheap alcohol, but the yield is not bad, because the market positioning accuracy.

view 3: shop small goods, buy to help you get

Wang Ronghua said that the initial stage of the investor because of financial constraints, the size of the store is not destined to be too large, the goods are destined to be incomplete, then investors can buy business to achieve profitability. Here that the "group purchase" is not the network group purchase group purchase, but specifically refers to purchase large quantities of enterprises and institutions, the "group purchase" services, so even a small cigarette and liquor vendor stores can survive, but also get good. But here you need to put more energy into the store, focusing on running the market, rather than sitting in the store and other business.

experts: open a shop, should adopt what kind of mode, different operators will have a different understanding, but in fact the business address is different, in the face of different consumers, natural selection will be different. The China Brand Strategy Institute executive president, Zhejiang wine Shanghai headquarters general manager Yang Qingshan said, I personally do not agree to "shop all goods" concept.

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