The boss has been cremated This is more than xinliyuan arrogant P2P announcement has the ability to

P2P run away run away run rampant, but so arrogant does not see more


has issued a "notice run away" P2P platform xinliyuan in November last year, and recently in its website issued a notice: I am Liu Yongxin wonderful run away, run away Lao Tzu xinliyuan officially announced a high profile, is to get money, cheat you and why? At present, the site has no access.


released from the identity of the legal person Liu Yongxin, the crazy entrepreneur was born in 1983, only 32 years old, Shandong, Jiaonan.


P2P platform xinliyuan platform is to receive 301.66 yuan, the total turnover of over 3 million 500 thousand, the recent trading volume of 0.

this company from August last year after the line only made 4 official announcement, respectively, "notice", "on the line", "run away liquidation announcement notice" (deleted), "for the November 26th JINGWAH times on xinliyuan platform statement" run away.


last September 10th, Dagong credit data Co., 22 Internet net loan platform blacklist, including xinliyuan on the black list. Dagong believes that there are significant xinliyuan platform for information disclosure is not sufficient; allegedly set up the pool of funds; the debtor’s solvency problems cannot be assessed.

released from xinliyuan official website of the official announcement, the platform officially launched in August 3rd last year. The on-line announcement "is a long way to go, I will seek xinliyuan will do platform, with a conscience only run, don’t run away."

however, after two months in October 1st, the platform issued a liquidation notice. Announcement: "because of my operation thinking problems, leading to the line of business and shareholder divestment, bad debts, and a period of time before being malicious complaints; to ensure all of the interests of investors, after careful consideration of all the decision of liquidation, cash for 10.31 days before."

it is understood that the P2P platform for the establishment of Shandong xinliyuan sunshine Cci Capital Ltd, the basic information is as follows.

platform name: xinliyuan

registered capital: 10 million yuan

platform location: Shandong Rizhao

: Liu Yongxin

company: Rizhao xinliyuan Cci Capital Ltd

platform URL:

however, Xin Li is not alone, in fact there are a lot of wonderful announcement P2P.

wonderful every year, especially this year. This is the year of the monkey, we celebrate the Spring Festival, is located in Shandong and Thailand.

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