Why the government website yellow body

Reporters yesterday, according to the

users to provide information in the search page keywords type " Yuechi county public network " and " Yuechi County People’s government " search, search results appear in the first click on the link in it into a called " sub EVA Mito & quot; the porn site with passion temptation, star photo, energy-saving main column.


website is the content of some vulgar information and not fit to be seen. Not only that, the site will also be automatically linked to the net color Daquan and the purchase of adult goods online website. (Nanfang Daily, February 4th)

since the remediation of Internet vulgar wind special action, has exposed the 7 batch of illegal websites. By the end of the 21 day, the law has closed 1250 dissemination of pornographic and vulgar content of the site, delete online pornographic and vulgar information of more than 320. Campaign victory.

The characteristics of

but the regulation of the Internet vulgar wind has long-term, complicated and arduous, now there is no reason to pleased with oneself, and summarize the experience and lessons, find out the shortcomings, in order to build long-term.

if there is still need to improve and enhance the remediation activities, I am afraid to strengthen the supervision of local government websites is one aspect.

such as Yuechi county government website is not isolated cases. Last December, a public rebellion, landing in Sichuan Mianzhu City People’s government official website, see in qitianzhen links page, network address or town government, but the content is not fit to be seen naked pictures of women.

government website is to release information, the communication of the platform, is the government’s "face". Today, the yellow body, the damage to the image of the government, the impact is very bad.


government website "jurisprudence", reflects some government departments to protect and maintain the site has a lot of flaws. Among them, the main protection awareness and sense of responsibility is not strong. It is understood that the content is linked yellow Yuechi county government website is already abandoned, the county government has another website. Abandoned sites were stolen by criminals, used to spread bad information. While the Qi site is the town government town network domain name expires, have not had time to renew, the domain name is also illegal websites use.

to avoid the government website "jurisprudence", the first network departments to strengthen supervision, not because the government spared, implementation of "exemption", make rectification dead; secondly, the government website personnel to self-examination, manage their own content, to protect their own domain name, don’t wait out the problem was the idea of clarification and remedy.

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