Electricity supplier website will have a unified identity card Mall

[Abstract] the domain name is mainly for small and medium enterprises, in addition to China’s electricity supplier enterprises, foreign enterprises can also be used.


Tencent technology month on June 18th reported

today, the international top-level domain name registration bureau of zodiac technology announced that the Chinese top-level domain name – Mall officially opened.


Chinese international top-level domain. The mall opened mainly to the electricity supplier industry development, more in line with the Chinese habits, easy to identify and recognized by consumers, is expected to become the future unified identity card China business enterprise. It is located at the time of application in e-commerce.

it is understood that the domain name is mainly in the face of small and medium enterprises, rather than large, such as Ali, Jingdong and other electronic business platform, in addition to China’s electricity supplier companies can be used outside the enterprise can also be used.

Deputy director of

Chinese Internet association Gao Xinmin said that the domain name ". The mall will be the future of each electricity supplier website standard, and increase the cost of fake websites, contribute to information security and business environment purification.

for the electricity supplier website, a high-quality domain name resources are often valuable, but also has a certain degree of impact on traffic. Previously, in the field of domain name investment, due to the late advance of China’s Internet, many investors missed the best time to invest in.COM,.CN domain name. This time, the mall has just launched a new top-level domain name, for the domain name investors may be a good opportunity.

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