Startups and marketing have to say two or three things

for start-up companies, marketing is particularly important. But some startups have no money no name, how to do? We start some of the cost of the company’s relatively low cost approach to speak!

first, you need to set up brands! The use of consumer demand for the product, and then use the value recognition of the quality of the product, and the unique culture of propaganda to create a brand in the minds of users, and ultimately the formation of brand benefit.

three clear

1 clear user. The first step is to determine the industry, brand word keywords and positioning, combined with the analysis of industry environment with its own product line, the advantages and disadvantages of accurate positioning of the target user, the actual demand of the users.

2 clear selling points. Want to go beyond the competitors, the success of brand marketing, no product highlights will be difficult. Can be used before the integration of user characteristics to create bright spots, specific methods vary by the target user.

3 clear strategy. Brand personality, brand communication, brand marketing, brand management, and other specific methods, including the creation of a vivid visual image, the brand name of the human nature, the difference of the exclusive elements.

when we set up a good brand, we should effectively put into the actual combat marketing!

a. Public number

Needless to say,

, micro-blog, WeChat and other major platforms of the public number must have. Suppose that 1 personal micro signal can add up to 5000 friends, if you fill it, a circle of friends, at least for 1000 people to see, even higher peak reading.

two. Online + offline

traditional newspaper advertising has now become online marketing gimmick, full page advertisement topic, is providing materials for online marketing, though a bit "limelight" feeling, but in the "Jersey" era, try more marketing imperative.

not only that, in fact, each enterprise has a certain line of activity, such as through the scan code to send gifts to the public number plus powder! But we should pay attention to, so that fans of liquidity will be great, I am sorry if you provide the content not interested him, and take off anyway.

three. Soft hard wide

hard wide do not say, how to write a soft text, before the beginning of a lot of small text also said in detail, we can review. But you write the soft again, the wrong place is useless. First, like QQ group, circle of friends, micro-blog blog, paste it, as well as major media platforms (such as A5 venture, today’s headlines, etc.).

four. Recruitment advertising

, of course, is not to say that you really recruit, you can send ads in the recruitment of your website or product

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