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with the arrival of 2008, the development of QQ space around the station is also to a certain extent, for Baidu search to reach " the relevant pages of about 49200000 " for SEO, I think if the ranking of the first page, may not know how much effort, a review of 07 years, the space station to do QQ the traffic is generally more than the other station, and then the GG unit can also relatively SEO at this time is relatively good, then SEO will be competing now without fire, now, GG price a day continued to go at the end, Adsense also recommended with.

in Chinese condition

competition is intense, we left out, except the old station only those very hard, the arrival of a new era, more and more difficult to search, until one day, Baidu search word reached a peak, SEO workers, your path in.

We all know that Baidu

love original, and now the QQ space station as a building owners lack of bamboo shoots after a spring rain, will soon feel the fundamental resources, online COPY is not enough, the webmaster is good at planning, promotion, and station, UBB code, FD module design etc. many webmasters may have never heard of where is the original,


is 08 years period countercurrent QQ space, leaving only the promotion manual worker, but now the industry can take to us what? This is a question worth pondering. For the webmaster, QQ space station is oriented around the age of 16-21 are young people, students more. Need to come up with a lot of time to communicate with them, you need to take out a lot of time to understand what they are interested. Most of the owners still believe now for the promotion of day and night, which has extra time with a smaller number of 80 or 90 Hu Kan


want to go back to the past, but do not know when already disappear without a trace of.

QQ space for the old stationmaster, also began selling sub station, " to " Qzoner" " so, these stations are old station, prospect is quite good, but today they are going to sell, this problem is worth thinking.

road is always out of their own, without her, we will have more.

08 years, I wish you all the webmaster, financial influx, traffic rose.

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