Where is the key to open the nternet era brand

now the artisan spirit has been popular, large and small business owners are aware of the importance of improve the quality of the products, many wealthy boss went to Germany to learn the spirit of learning Japanese artisan goods manufacturing technology. But you have not found, even if these companies head really good products, but not necessarily good products can sell a good price, you can get market recognition.

some time ago, and our company office to the two Department of agriculture under the banner of the association of the person in charge, they told us a fact of pain: when consumers buy products, they tend to be confused by the surface phenomenon, such as watermelon red and puffy. Therefore, those who use the expansion agent and sweet watermelon, watermelon, more consumer trust.

this is reminiscent of Deep-Fried Dough Sticks Riga washing powder, wolfberry sprayed sulfur… So… Why meiliangxin, because of commercial interests mischief inside. Why are consumers so stupid, because consumers are non – professional buyers. Why manufacturers do not sell the conscience of the product, because the conscience of the product has not been confirmed by the conscience, consumers do not agree with you and other people’s products. Comprehensive multilateral force, created today we see the results: toxic products jinerbuzhi. Difficult to sell the product of conscience.

how to change the situation, out of the woods?

if you understand the Internet today remains at the tool level, you can from the Internet era and the essence of perspective of economic phenomena, then you will always be in the Internet is the electronic commerce circle, you will never let your conscience products get good heart return. To unlock the good product of the Internet era and difficult to sell the curse, it is necessary to understand the nature of the Internet era.

The ancient

, sell themselves. Today, the Internet era, diversified enterprise competition pattern changes and marketing tools, fundamentally changed the enterprise brand building, enterprises have a good product but also a good publicity and marketing, but how to do brand good? Ma one the best weapon is a propaganda in Zhou Hongyi ";" is the headline regular dull remarks died over; and the Jingdong early, Liu Qiangdong is also around the fire, but in the Jingdong after the transition to professional photographers to shoot the image according to the presence of the hands of every journalist. Big brothers so play, but let the company performance, these rules indicate what?

obviously, it heralds the arrival of a new era. At present, the competition pattern of the enterprises has been transferred from the competition of the products in the industrial age to the brand competition in the Internet age. This competition is accompanied by the transformation of the times and the transformation of consumer demand.

from the product life cycle theory, the era of industrialization and the age of the Internet (or information age) has its life cycle, have also experienced from the introduction period, growing period, mature period and decline period to process. However, the industrial age is based on mechanization and automation technology. The economy of the industrial age is the scale economy

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