Wang Tong quickly take a good name for the N case


today to share a series of named cases, including: personal name, positioning the name, product name, book name, brand name, etc..

I have a copy planning class students, the original name is called Mei Shiyu, the name is very large, leading to his personal temper is very irritable, so I helped him change his name.

they need simple:

1, the name to change his character

2, the name can fill his energy

3, the name lets a person see temperament

how can I name him


first step: five line analysis

I asked him about the time of birth, and then with a count, he five lines of wood and water

so, I’m going to give him a name, fill the water.

second steps: find the corresponding word

many of the traditional masters name when only considering the five line, as the name is very Runtu, soil and soil.

we name, in addition to five lines, but also need to consider the following factors:

1, the meaning is very good


reads smoothly

3, the score is very high

so, I began to group names in the font and then query, finally gave him a name: Mei Qingyuan

the name of the five line pattern is: wood water

Mei Qingyuan sounds is very smooth, but very gentle, will not let him furious.

is more important is the name of the score up to 90 points.

the name was sent to him, he was very satisfied with the


I have a student, I just put his name from the tacky change of great cultural atmosphere, but also to help locate his career took a new name, changed after the income increase very quickly. Specific details, I can only communicate in private to everyone.

why is it so important?

1, the name is symbol

2, symbol is information

3, information driven energy

so the name is an energy receiver, someone called your name, is to give you the frequency corresponding to the energy, different energy attributes for everyone, so the influence of name of their own destiny is very big.

is not just the name of a person, the name of the product is even more so!

for example, I have a friend who had a very early product, developed a product called: early, put some Ancient Chinese Literature Search classic read version, just 300>

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