Baidu wireless search released 10 days of on line search of the novel by ten million


(Baidu search interface screenshot)

days ago, Baidu released a novel wireless search service (, by optimizing the technology exclusive, for mobile phone terminal can provide different perfect novel query reading experience. From Baidu’s internal data show that only 10 days on-line search, user access to hot flow and the product flow steady over 10 million, which marks the Baidu mobile phone is about to detonate the popularity of the novels, opens up a new era of mobile phone reading.

Baidu wireless novel search adhering to the Baidu has always been simple and easy to use style, layout, fresh, reasonable layout, color and pleasant, can fully meet the needs of users happy browsing. By virtue of "massive Baidu search index database, Baidu wireless search covers romance, fantasy, martial arts, through the city, and all other categories of popular novels. In addition, users can read the latest updated list of novels to read the latest, most popular, the most popular writer. And through the novel search home page related post bar entrance, users can also follow up the trend of the novel paste it, with the same reading preferences to share the reading experience.

, according to the relevant person in charge of Baidu wireless, although just on the line, Baidu wireless novel search has become the most complete category of the Chinese domain, the largest reading of the novel entry station. Taking into account the cost problem of the flow of the mobile phone, Baidu specifically targeted optimization, to the lowest rate of flow, the fastest to load; at the same time, various types of intelligent mobile phone terminal can ensure the best reading experience.

according to the latest statistics of CNNIC, the use of mobile phones as the representative of the reading application is second only to the second major mobile applications online chat services, the proportion of users accounted for the overall mobile phone users of 75.4%. The number of mobile phone users to 233 million, about 175 million Internet users through the use of a variety of online reading service. However, the current content of the new mobile phone is more dispersed, and the quality of service is uneven, hindering the improvement of the Internet users to read the experience, restricting the further prosperity of the industry as a whole. Baidu wireless search service on the line will completely break through the bottleneck. The industry believes that the user read retrieval data analysis, Baidu can grasp the users preferences, to create the perfect mobile phone reading platform, Baidu wireless join, can also bring users and traffic for content sites, is conducive to the improvement of the novel mobile phone industry ecosystem and growth.

according to reports, the next version of the Baidu wireless search service has entered the novel developed wildly beating gongs and drums in addition to the experience of reading, polish, personalized, interactive will be the focus direction, such as the identity of the user login system, according to user preferences personalized recommendation quality books, users are encouraged to carry out original etc..

so far, Baidu has been in full swing in the layout of the wireless field, Baidu will be the full range of products from PC to mobile phone >

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