Mou Changqing the four basic points of the website promotion

I have written a similar article, but at that time was written 3 basic points, is written in the past 07 years, and now more than 2 years of time, a lot of ideas have changed. Before going to a training institution to do the experience of sharing, so the idea of summing up again, and sent to the blog today to share with you.

is the original intention of writing this article, is that because there are often friends on IM asked me how to promote certain types of sites, if I were the type of website promotion, but I also talk about their own experience. But most of the sites I did not promote the type, do not know how to give a friend a bit of advice, then I have to press these 4 basic ideas, tell each other how to do promotion. I hope you read this article, and then face any type of site, probably know how to promote.

A: clear site for the user base

this is the basic premise to do the network promotion, any one site or network products. Before the line, it will be clear that their own user groups. Now most of the enterprises are industry website, have very specific user groups, as a promotion personnel, first of all to communication and leadership of the company or product, clear the site to the user group, then in order to have a purpose for this part of the user groups for effective promotion.

two: investigate the main places where users gather online

in the definition of their own site for the user base, it is necessary to do research and analysis, these users mainly appear on the Internet where. What type of website, what type of forum, QQ group, etc.. Know where this part of the user, you know where to go to do the promotion is the most effective. Here I take Youku, potatoes video sharing sites such as example.

video sharing site users

1: video search engine (Baidu, Google video search)

2: traditional video sites, (there is little popular)

3: video related forums, (animation, TV related forum post bar)

4: video related QQ group, (animation, drama related QQ group)

5: film critic website, (watercress network, time network)

6: navigation station movie video classification (hao1233602345)

7: portal film and television topics (Sina entertainment, Sohu entertainment)

8: similar competitive sites (Youku, cool, potatoes,)

three: with a variety of promotional means to attract users

in the clear site or product of the target user groups will be gathered on the Internet where the premise. All you need to think about is how to get these users from those places. At this time we know the promotion of

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