Secrets of the new site was quickly included

said Baidu included in the new problems, we should have a sympathy for this problem, it is difficult to Baidu, almost inaccessible. That is not to say that we will not be on the blue sky of it, no, actually want to Baidu fast included new sites, or trick, the key is to understand the current Baidu algorithm. Here I have some views on Baidu algorithm to share with you. Although I now just made more than a few days, has not been included in Baidu, is also a new station, but these methods, through the analysis of the IIS journal, found that Baidu spiders more frequently patronize. So I believe these methods are worth a try.

according to my experience, I have tried the following methods are announced as follows:

first, the domain name of the site, the domain name of the site must be consistent with the theme of the site, so the use of Baidu on the credibility of your station evaluation. If there is the possibility of the use of 301 to PR value of more than 4 of the site is best!

second, after the completion of the site quickly submitted to Baidu, Baidu submitted to the entrance of At the same time submitted to the major search engines and directories are also preferred


third, the content of the site, according to my experience, the construction of the site in the early don’t search engine for copy and countless pages from the Internet, personal suggestions to write the original article the best. Baidu like fresh blood! In fact, other search engines are the same, the original article for the search engine included the most valuable.

fourth, soft marketing. This is my main website promotion method

fifth, often in Baidu search your site name and domain name, so for Baidu related search element is very useful, easy to remember the key words you stand.

sixth, often to the major forums and blog published a number of articles, at the same time indicate the link you stand, so for Baidu’s collection, the same great value.

seventh, the internal link strategy, the chain is divided into the chain and the chain, most of the SEO who pay attention to the chain is not very concerned about the chain, where I tell you that the chain is also very important. Reasonable outside of the chain for Baidu easy to grab the other pages in the chain.

eighth, external links strategy, the initial stage of the construction site, if the company can send a little money to buy PR site links, this effect is very good, for the new station is conducive to the collection of Baidu. Of course, if you do not want to buy links, you can try to link your site and high PR value, which for the new station PR value of 0 of the station is a bit difficult.

ninth, word of mouth marketing, for the new station friends, you can use interpersonal relationships, >

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