Buy virtual host notes

Now on the Internet to provide virtual hosting service providers are very large, the price and quality of service vary widely, the choice of virtual host is very important for the establishment of the site, the following things must pay attention to:

. Select the operating license of the service provider

we state of Internet operators must have the "permit" of People’s Republic of China telecommunications and information services business, otherwise it is illegal, once checked, no such license services will be ordered to suspend business, if very dangerous without a license in the virtual hosting service provider. At the same time, but also pay attention to the difference recognition ICP license and ICP registration certificate, ICP registration is for non business websites, such as ordinary corporate websites, personal websites, can only apply to a ICP record, in fact there is no business qualifications.

two not freeloaders.

virtual host is a server by dividing virtual host system into multiple hosts, in general, the server placed within 200 business sites or within 30 functional sites are normal, do not affect the speed of the server; if more than this number, the good servers are difficult to bear, the result will be slowed down fault, frequent phenomenon. A performance comparison of reliable server hosting costs + + telecommunications technology monitoring and sales promotion costs, the price of at least about 20000-30000. Therefore, the general price of HTML space should be more than 200, while the price of functional hosts in more than 600 may be sufficient to a slight profit, if you covet cheap, you are likely to encounter the following:

1) a server may put a number of more than 1000 of the website, the server is slow or even crash

2) on the function of the excessive restrictions, leading to some website program can not run

3) over limited bandwidth, resulting in slow access speed, or more than the number of online display

4) database of over load, resulting in frequent fault database

5) service providers can not afford to randomly change the service plan

three. Pay attention to their neighbors

of course, unless the use of hacking, otherwise it is difficult to know who is your neighbor, so you need to get clear: the host is allowed to put on the website forum, chat, arena, plug-in, download resource intensive website system;

four. Look at the services of the company have vitality

virtual host in today’s era of business competition, a network services company, if only the domain name and virtual host did not exist; when a company even pot are not open off, it is hard to imagine.

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