What is the cross border separatist warlords fight

Internet penetration in people’s daily life even more is to get in by every opening, online shopping transaction model to subvert the traditional line, making the global free trade become an indisputable fact. In recent years, with China’s Internet economy booming, the rapid growth of e-commerce, the momentum of development, according to the commerce department’s latest statistics show that in 2014 China’s e-commerce transactions amounted to 13 trillion yuan, including B2B and retail network, an increase of 25%, net retail sales amounted to 2 trillion and 800 billion, an increase of 49.7%. Among them, the China Electronic Commerce Research Center monitoring data show that in the first half of 2014, China’s cross-border e-commerce transactions in the total amount of 3 trillion yuan, of which cross-border retail about $300 billion. Forecast of Global trade patterns and the report released by the Ministry of Commerce, 2016 China cross-border electricity import and export volume will increase to 6 trillion and 500 billion yuan, the annual growth rate of over 30%, which means that the cross-border electricity supplier industry will usher in a golden age of their own "".

sea market prospects open cross-border electricity supplier demand

thanks to the rapid development of cross-border electricity supplier, demand for sea purchase showed a increasing trend, at the same time, more and more enterprises begin to pay close attention to the development of cross-border electricity supplier, are optimistic about its bright prospects for development. Many domestic Internet companies, including Southern China City e-commerce Industrial Park and other industries have also launched their own new cross-border electricity supplier platform. If the previous cross-border electricity supplier is strictly limited by the regulatory authorities, the whole sea purchase process very difficult, such as the user needs are not met in a timely and effective manner, the efficiency is low, so, now with the General Administration of Customs had introduced a number of supportive documents, the government level on Cross-border electricity support efforts to become more and more, more and more open level.

under this background, another macro outlook of cross-border electricity supplier fate, stronger in the cross-border electricity supplier is bound to usher in a new round of investment boom, the Internet companies competing to launch their own cross-border electronic business platform will undoubtedly become the mainstream of future development, in addition to Ali, Jingdong, Amazon and other giants have joined the old electricity supplier. The most typical is the Southern China City Industrial Park and other cutting-edge forces landing cross-border electricity supplier industry to make use of its advantages, great overtaking momentum. Recently, there is news that many well-known enterprises such as LDK network, cross-border electricity supplier overgreat international, Qualcomm techmopo, tree technology, universal Tesco have gathered in Southern China City e-commerce Industrial Park, hope the coordinated development of the country’s first settled through the logistics and e-commerce industry park of Southern China City, leveraging its perfect logistics system to meet the development needs of their own personalized. Gathered in the hands of experts in the cross-border electricity supplier industry, Southern China City Industrial Park ushered in the warm electricity supplier of cross-border electricity supplier will undoubtedly lead to the close attention of the cross-border electricity supplier industry.

cross-border rally has sounded the clarion call is the background and strength

in fact, cross-border electricity supplier industry and other segments compared with the former more tests such as and as like as chalk and cheese, bureau endurance. Change >

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