Taobao online shopping do not ignore the Hongkong guest

in the past two or three years, Taobao in Hongkong to do a lot of advertising, more and more people like to shop in Hongkong Taobao. After all, compared to the price of Hongkong, the Taobao shopping is still a great price advantage. According to statistics, the current 10 Taobao customers, there are 1 people in Hongkong or Taiwan, accounting for about 10% of the total number of shopping, we can see how large the number of groups. If you ignore the Hongkong or Taiwan passengers, no doubt that is less than 10% of the business, or even more!

according to my understanding of the people of Hongkong Taobao shopping habits, they have three characteristics, namely the relatively large amount of shopping, shopping and shopping for little more forthright offer high satisfaction.

first: the amount of shopping is relatively large.

Hongkong people in Taobao shopping is divided into two kinds of people. The first is the wholesale customers, they sell some products from Taobao to Hongkong retail, earn the difference. And the profit margin is still quite large, so they are happy to wholesale. The second is due to retail customers from the mainland to Hongkong freight are more expensive, at least 30 yuan or more, so they are more willing to choose the time to buy more products or choose some friends with shopping way to reduce the cost of freight.

second: shopping forthright, rarely bargain.

Hongkong shopping is very straightforward, probably because of cheaper prices on the mainland, they rarely offer so. And their general attitude is very good, very polite, generally accepted within 2 days after receipt of the goods will be confirmed evaluation, greatly saving the time of both sides. Every time I do business with Hongkong, feel very comfortable and happy.

third: Hongkong people are very satisfied with the shopping.

author summed up the evaluation of the year in Hongkong customers, more than and 200 customers in Hongkong, in addition to giving a comment, the rest are well received and given a high evaluation. So far, there is not a Hongkong customer received the goods in the poor to defraud money. So, with the Hongkong people are very safe.

In fact, these aspects of

, Taiwanese have similar characteristics. So, now I pay more and more attention to Hongkong and Taiwan passengers, and Taobao shop in a prominent location to inform them that they can be shipped to Hongkong and Taiwan. Some of the manager, suspected shipments to Hongkong or Taiwan trouble, or worry about the products pass the detained risks and other reasons, are often reluctant to do business with Hongkong and taiwan. In fact, I think this is not necessary. The following said hair Hongkong and Taiwan express attention to the problem, so that more of the rest of the business with the people of Hongkong Taobao and Taiwanese business.

The first point:

Hongkong and Taiwan to choose to pay sf. SF is fast, but the service is good, can guarantee the safety of goods to the customer. When the recipient of the SF will check whether you can send the goods to Hongkong, if it is not certain that the SF contraband charge. This is a good way to ensure your goods will not be on the customs. But rarely break the East > SF

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