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let me give you a few examples. For example, we have a very like advertising machine product called WeChat printer, the user can brush through the way of two-dimensional code on a WeChat public account, then developers can get revenue from advertisers there, this is a way of advertising effect.

we are considering the combination of cloud and printer. At present, every cloud users upload photos number more than 170 million, and is the original quality is relatively high, there will be a lot of photo printing needs. And each WeChat printer has LBS information, you can let users choose to print nearby, in this way, the user from home to the printer in front. At the same time, we are also opening

the following text according to Chen Lei speech record finishing, without my review:

new friends are usually found some simple construction course, with a short time to set up the site, everywhere crazy to collect information on advertising to brush flow, the flow of software, brush advertising and so on, but it can not help but come to a K end, even spend the station do not earn fees come back, some people also complained that the website profit prohibitively difficult. I can say that is over, these psychological behavior, these have also completely on my body showed no doubt, is not difficult to profit even more station, station may be prohibitively difficult, the key lies in their mentality, new friends just set foot in this field should be quiet station, to the station, should not take profit the word first, holding a taste to make money attitude to the construction of a site, then you will never be able to build a successful site. It is because the patient, so you will not follow the prescribed order by station, officially because of wealth eager, so you never go too observant of conventional standards. enrich their site content, only to a collection, or copy and paste, not to streamline the original or false original things, popular point is not only of things, even if more information, resources in many, this site is just a garbage station, is at best a good point of the garbage station, unable to get rid of the fate of

Internet industry is currently undergoing very high speed changes, which is very good news for entrepreneurs, in our opinion, there are four main areas worthy of attention:

in the field of intelligent hardware, Tencent practices and software open platform approach similar, that is, we open the platform, so that hardware entrepreneurs and our platform integration. Today, our approach is to put the ability of Tencent in the software industry continues to open in the hardware industry, the communication ability, ability, ability to remind, account cloud storage capacity, advertising ability to open up, hope to help entrepreneurs to create the miracle of hardware as soon as possible.

cheating temporarily, but not cheat life! Out of the brush flow only in the vanity to meet it, without any practical application, just wasted your time, but also bear the risk of being search engine advertising alliance K station, K, it is very unwise for a a formal site, unless you really do dumpster! Just get started, never mind no traffic, this is very normal, no one can build IP thousands of what formal site, even if A5 is not a step a foot print come? Do your site the content, maintain a good attitude, the station is not only to make money, for the new friends, more is to learn new knowledge. With the technology, experience, and then a good attitude, then what worries can not set up a success of their own?

Tencent optimistic about the 4 Internet opportunities



should pay attention to many problems for the novice Wangzhuan friends, want to make money, not anxious, but through learning, paving the way for their better, to maintain a good attitude, no matter is not to earn earn and must start with the most basic science, after all, is not to eat fat.

May 21st, the theme of "we are young," the 2014 innovation in China · NEXT held at the Shangri-La Hotel in Beijing, this is an annual event for investors and young entrepreneurs. In the morning meeting, general manager of Tencent cloud platform Chen Lei conducted a speech on the cloud platform. In his view, the current Internet environment, developers are faced with hardware devices, Internet plus community, migration and large data 4 very rare opportunity, but at the same time, also to meet the network performance from the Internet and mobile terminal is becoming more and more serious security problems and challenges. The end of the speech, Chen Lei introduced plans to support the Tencent cloud platform designed for early middle maturity in different periods of entrepreneurs, and entrepreneur Demo China announced this year in all the finalists in the enterprise, Tencent, the cloud platform will be provided free of charge to 1 million of the value of the cloud service package, which means that these developers do not have to worry about the basic their maintenance cost during startup.

1. intelligent hardware

I want to talk about today is very simple: first, Tencent today optimistic about what business opportunities; second, in how these entrepreneurial opportunities for Tencent to help everyone inside the cloud; third, the development of what we have to support entrepreneurs.

the most new friends contact Wangzhuan is occasionally see a seductive ads, in curiosity and desire, and gradually entered the ranks of wangzhuan. From the initial registration of money, and so on the hook to make money toil working now station profit, it is because before the pull the head of a series of toil live and not let yourself how much income, so many new friends will look to the station on time, a high return heart is urgent can not settle down, a patient pursuit of benefits.

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