Some tips on 6 commonly used methods of the chain

there is a saying in the website optimization, "content is king, the chain for the emperor". This shows the importance of the chain, we all know that the chain main purpose is to improve the site keywords ranking, improve website weight, so as to achieve a good collection. For a new station outside the chain of attention is a "steady", is the only two aspects, the first aspect refers to the number of the chain should be steady in the chain to avoid suddenly more and less phenomenon, not to do on the first day of hundreds, second days will not do, it is easy to determine search engine cheating, serious consequences. The second aspect is to send the chain to ensure that the forum can not always delete posts, so to love Shanghai spider impression is not good, but also a great influence on the railway station. Next I will share with you in the chain do some of the methods used by the

3. blog platform

1. Links exchange

blog the chain is the method of many friends, a forum is more independent, without fear of being deleted. If you want to leave the chain through the blog, you must first blog of the weight of it, otherwise the chain effect will be relatively poor. Search engines are now given because of the weight of the blog chain has greatly reduced, so the weight of their own blog to improve.

in the chain with the forum, in addition to the anchor text or bare chain joining the content of the article, also can put into their own personalized signature forum website keyword links, this is a way to connect. Of course, when we do the forum outside the chain or to the anchor text of the chain, can use the anchor text of the chain don’t use bare chain anchor text font in the forum to change the color and the same color.

also should be noted that not all sites of the signature are useful, we enter in the search box: love Shanghai site:bbs.***贵族宝贝 (domain) + space + forum signature domain (ban contains COM suffix) if Shanghai did not love the chain your forum signature, the signature of the forum it is not good use. From my current contact forum, A5 forum is the best, we all know

is looking for a high weight forum, post anchor text link or left bare chain. In addition to the forum outside the chain is one of the best ways to effect Links, when choosing the forum, should also pay attention to several points: correlation between the forum and our website to the high popularity of the forum to post high, every day to. Only in such a forum to stay outside the chain, it is more likely to be search engine that is effective the chain.

the use of network resources, exchange chain. To find a high correlation, high weight website chain. One is doing push net friend said to me: your stop and people exchange more than thirty outside the chain, that is not more than thirty peer site exchange, this will distract their weight.



2. forum posting or signature

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