The four basic skills of practitioners engaged in Shanghai Longfeng optimization work must have

third, beginners should make their target optimization.

second: strict requirements for themselves gradually establish confidence of learning.

novice to enter the industry, the establishment of self-confidence is very important, such as the first to enter the network company, facing down the right site may feel at a loss, this time not impetuous, but also continue to explore their own leadership and timely communication, where exactly is a question, when one difficult problem is solved. The confidence will be gradually set up, so early we not impetuous, to think yourself more cattle than cattle, only to find out in the end is a rookie, in fact, the key problem is, you have to hold I was a rookie attitude, but the tactics must pay attention to it, so even if their operation strategy did not get a positive effect, also not being unable to get up after a fall hit, so I We do not seek advice, early speed, just a chance, after the company give yourself the opportunity, as long as you let colleagues see your efforts, this is the greatest affirmation, if encounter problems, a willingness to make an effort, I believe that the old man is still very happy to help you colleagues, do not self show wanted but also can not give up on themselves, this time to establish self-confidence is the key.


interest is the best teacher this is as everyone knows things, I believe that as a new us not only the immediate interests, of course, in order to high wage crustily skin to learn of course but I really no ground for blame, later can persist, I believe that the Shanghai Dragon Phoenix optimization is not as simple as that outside said, this is not only the performance of in the study, but also in the work, if you can really put the Shanghai dragon optimization work as interest, you can easily work up late very happy, especially in the face of such a boring and tedious work site optimization, we have to repeat the same thing every day, but also often bear the fluctuating pressure, these it is your desire to learn the key to enter, so before you ask yourself is really interested in this

: the first Shanghai dragon beginners should not blindly enter the interest is the best teacher.


although we are new, but the rookie wants to be to fly in the sky, in order to optimize the goal of improve efficiency of making daily, monthly or quarterly basis is that we should do things according to their own specific circumstances, the power to set.

as everyone knows, with the continuous development of Shanghai dragon optimization, search engine has been upgraded, the website optimization work not only challenging, more important is often opportunities and challenges coexist, the high-end Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel salary is very terrible, which caused a lot of beginners get together to enter the industry, as the author here a person come and share with you what is the basic foundation of Shanghai Longfeng optimization in the process of novice should have good gossip, we continued to get short.

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