The host has no impact on the Shanghai double dragon

before, because before because of the replacement of double IP server leads to the site keywords ranking drop Shanghai Longfeng situation, this problem did not contact, on the Internet to find a lot of information, but also have a certain understanding, so today and take it in we explore together, double host of Shanghai dragon in the end there is no effect of

3, love Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2 also clearly also pointed out that the Baiduspid on the site to grab and common user access, as long as the ordinary user can access to the content, can grab to no matter what technology, as long as you can ensure that users can smooth access to the web site, there is no impact on the search engine. It is recommended to select the strength of the service provider and the mature technology is not mature.



then double host of the Shanghai dragon have no effect? I think many people have this question

today’s technology will adopt a naive intelligent double, if two IP analysis (by CNAME records to achieve resolution problems), then the corresponding domain has two IP, IP and IP also through telecommunications Netcom technology to determine the use of user access to the site to the corresponding line line, accelerate the realization of site. (if you really don’t understand this concept, can easily go to the download station, see download

2, the search engine is more and more focus on user experience, dual IP host in order to better facilitate the users of different line access to the web site, which is to improve the user experience, and search engine friendly level on the website is through the user experience to assess, it also may not reduce website search engine friendliness, and a a stable and efficient server large programs can improve the user degree of inspection.

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A friend asked me two double IP host will have an impact on the website of Shanghai dragon

may be the concept of many readers also have no contact with two hosts, here give a simple explanation, double double IP simple two line access server on the server must bind two IP into double card, this way to achieve double double IP access method is to put the website in Telecom and Netcom two lines in the early period the web site, and then on the home page to remind the user to choose "line telecommunications station" network station "intermediate speed, but to do so on the user experience is poor, often the details will be ignored and failed to achieve the desired convenient quick access to the effect of different lines.

1, two or more IP will not affect the normal crawling and indexing search engine? Two IP will not lead to the spider is found two different mirror sites, the answer is No. General domestic sites are relatively large is a domain of multiple IP, with multiple servers to achieve diversion. Like the nobility baby WEB server as hundreds of Taiwan, love Shanghai although less, there are hundreds of servers to cope with the number of Chinese search.

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