Press release optimization Trilogy Shanghai Longfeng

analysis of weight and performance of the platform


4) host location and velocity measurement

platform based on multi dimension on, not only to fame or PR value on the end of the burst teacher here is a media platform weight comparison table, which records the data of all the large and small media in different dimensions: like Shanghai and Gu Gequan, on the flow of IP and PV Alexa, China world rankings, included, domain name registration time, support content links (text links, images, links, etc.) review mode, share button support. With this understanding we can reference comparison chart very comprehensive weights of different media layer and function layer. In addition, we must go to the performance analysis platform. What is the platform performance? It means different platforms in the news in the ranking order, cite a simple example, such as foreign exchange trading platform in the search map, found in the top three media are China gold investment network, the focus of real estate and foreign exchange net. At this time, we clearly know the so-called high weight > Sina Finance

chain analysis and analytic hierarchy process in the platform.

as the first episode, we know that the press release does not mean spiders crawl or included (the truth and self standing Shanghai dragon is the same). So how to let the spider can come and grab the first time there and included our press release is the first step, the first step is to do a deep analysis in the choice of our media source at the time of publication. Don’t think that the media is a skill for high weight, because this for everybody to know (Sina, Sohu, NetEase, etc.). So the first episode, I put the spider to the page optimization guide is divided into 4 parts:


teachers specially drew a press release to optimize trilogy model diagram, we can see in the figure, the press release optimization (ePR optimization) actually is a kind of Content Optimization Oriented station optimization model. But if we are to consider the traditional thinking, there are deficiencies. That is what the contents of the manuscript in press release optimization and selection of weight platform release, is the end? If so, what in fact no press release optimization logic or technology at all. It burst the teacher summed up a set of press releases trilogy optimization method, I hope you can as the theoretical basis and Operation Optimization Oriented to do.


content release time

guide the search spider to find the page

Analysis of fixed weights of

today burst teachers and share is "release optimization Trilogy". And we mainly talk about when we optimize some media news release, how we can be relatively quick to bring up and systematic step by step operation. So I will from three aspects and talk about how to guide the spider to find news page, how to help it understand the page content finally how to enhance the value of the news page.

The explosion of

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