The new characteristics of Shanghai new share love optimization

surfing, recommend new content, quality first content must be high, it can speed up the collection, fast display, can provide website optimization time, save at least two weeks, it should arouse the attention of the webmaster friends.

3 new sites, just put out time to give a ranking of

surfing the net, after falling in love with the sea put out, the basic content is not updated snapshot a week, the update is updated once a week, perhaps this is the love of Shanghai in order to investigate new sites, may also be new low weight, less time to fall in love with the sea, but not outside the chain of reason, because chain and less is the case.

The characteristics of

1, now included polarization

surfing website optimization, new sites just put out of time, will generally give a ranking, of course, is less competitive keywords. The rank is not the first, in five pages later, but the next update ranking disappear. This and Google is similar to that of new chance to give priority to, but there is a certain period of time, is generally included within three days after, will appear this kind of circumstance.

through the analysis of the above three points the reasons, targeted new love Shanghai website optimization optimization, can improve the efficiency, reduce the optimization.

tells us that after the new love Shanghai included, and put out, do not update the snapshot is a normal thing, do not worry about not get excited over a little thing, the site is down right, love Shanghai does not update the snapshot, is a natural process.

Shanghai website optimization optimization through love surfing recently several new sites, found some new features, love Shanghai optimization rules, surfing the net today to share out, hope for the new love optimization of Shanghai friends have some help, reduce unnecessary worry, to ensure the healthy development of new natural transition.

Four new

2, love Shanghai put out new optimization after the snapshot update slow

the four new sites and site optimization, the results of two sites two love Shanghai included, and put out two sites three weeks out, usually second weeks included, third weeks out. Surf the net a detailed analysis of the reasons for this situation, the reason is not outside the chain, it is not added Links, but if the website content, website content of high quality, high degree of original usually within two days out, how is reproduced or pseudo original quality is relatively low, it included and out the time is much longer, this is the real reason.

so the railway station must seize the time, showcasing his own website, the quality of love will be at this time of Shanghai comprehensive investigation site, from pageviews, jump out rate analysis of user experience, user experience how the weight high directly to a higher, which give a good foundation, how the user experience is poor, so the first is poor, it is more a little longer time.

Through the analysis of

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