Collection ranked the original not included what is going on

but for some of the old site, they pay more attention to the acquisition of some methods, will not change the original author of the information, but also retained their information, and the collection of content for the website itself has a high correlation, but also love the broad masses of users, such as a lot of collection content can be obtained great views, because in the world of the Internet, search engines have to respect the spirit of sharing, collected from a sense content >

not included, and the old station acquisition has ranked the phenomenon does not love with Shanghai to enhance the level of intelligence will be completely resolved, because it relates to the core of the algorithm, the following is to find out.

After I think the emergence of new original

and for those who have to get through the acquisition of the old station ranking, and also seems to love Shanghai’s original spark program to love Shanghai because of misfits, collecting the search engine spiders the impression as if the Internet parasites, relying on others for creation and benefit, so love Shanghai search engine for this website is hit.

but I was in love in Shanghai launched the original spark program, and did not find sites that all original can live very natural, the site will be ranked in front, website content included the number will be increased. On the contrary some still rely on the old station but also the collection content was very comfortable, the ranking of the site is still good, then it is not love that Shanghai algorithm in the original spark program failure? Of course I found that those original content has not been included mostly appeared in just on the line of the new group. So the question Love Shanghai algorithm seems to be premature.

from the beginning of 2013, love Shanghai algorithm were upgraded several times, especially the original spark plans to let people began to know the love Shanghai has begun to pay close attention to grasp to improve the website owners in original work. This was so many webmaster shocked, because a very difficult task is the original content for many grassroots webmaster, only those who have the rich editorial resources it is possible to solve the original problem, for the grassroots webmaster do not have so much money invested. So on the Internet a consistent whine.

first for the new station, love Shanghai although able to submit the relevant application in new sites will be included, but does not mean that your site must be of high quality website, but these sites to study income sandbox love Shanghai, if the original level of these sites can maintain, so the new station stay in Shanghai love sandbox time will be shorter, and the new station in Shanghai during the period of love even sandbox love Shanghai included, nor out of the search results in the release, which will cause the new station to the webmaster friends of the original actually has not been included in illusion, with continued operation of the website, and original content in order to increase, but also guarantee the quality of the original, the original content with the web site and out of the sandbox is a collection of.

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