More than 90% of entrepreneurs are traitors12 ways to get CPA income

      from the web site, user registration and mail subscriptions will be provided

, is the development of the western region in eighteenth Century, when the government of California a lot of land, generation of dignity appears. After that, is the two generation of entrepreneurship, the people talked about heritage and the two generation, usually only think of father and son between the father pass, Zi Cheng, Xiaoyi, Jia, and so on these warm scenes. In fact, if we look back at the history of Hongkong’s corporate heritage, we can see that it was introduced into the new Hongkong by pure foreigners. If you went down, we will find that most of the two generation of entrepreneurs is poor with the "difference" in the hearts of high-rise, because in front, familiar with a small number of customers, slowly up the nerve, live on their own.

      because of the Qunar launch of the "holiday product channel", the product model and suppliers have higher demand for registered users. Therefore, the two months of CPA experience summed up 12, to share with you:

foreigners for entrepreneurs is a personal interpretation of a strong desire to succeed. "Mutant" refers to genetic mutations, ape mutation best results


In turn,

      5; mouse transmission power. When registering, tell your users to encourage their friends to sign up. You can give a page forwarded by the reader, and use the integration mechanism, reward mechanism, etc., to encourage the user to forward to his friend;

previous paragraph, came news, GREE group or one billion yuan shares meizu. Meizu founder Huang Zhangceng responded: "I welcome with more can create more win-win power, including GREE, I admired Dong Mingzhu’s courage, as long as the win, I will not refuse with more power to win. Even if she just gave me 1 billion, I promised to let her win, Lei Jun, 1 billion."

      CPS, the focus is to do accurate marketing, and CPA not only to do precise, but also to master the means.

One investor told


      2; duplicate style sheets. Place a registry sheet on every page of your web site. For example, place a registration form at the bottom of each article so that when the reader has the next move, they can quickly grab them;

      4; a lure. Send an ebook, offer a batch of coupons, and get a iPhone for a contest – these are added values to your registered user;

M, CEO, Professor He Huazhen,

      offline activity; do not forget user registration subscription

is a mature economy, more than 90% entrepreneurs, is a "traitor", unless you are in graduate school after graduation, immediately accept angel fund investment, fame, or just beat me, involved in related industries, always can "steal the mutiny" into the crime.

      this sentence: good understanding into McDonald’s and KFC, from the door handles to the trash from the cashier to clean the toilet paper on duty table "show is everywhere" – you see that you are not into McDonald’s, KFC.

any region, from a blank space to dry land on the rise of entrepreneurship, generally only twenty or thirty years window period.

      1; priority position. The registration box is placed prominently in your home page, preferably over the screen line – meaning the first screen is visible without pulling the scroll bar. The graphics and placement of the registration box must be placed on the high priority level;

      the revenue model of the website alliance is usually divided into several ways, such as CPM, CPC, CPS, CPA and so on. Usually it’s easier to do traffic clicking. CPS and CPA are relatively difficult to do.

      3; a basic point. Today’s information is seriously overloaded. Be sure to explain the benefits of registration from functionality and product features, and use an unconventional approach;

this kind of phenomenon not only in Hongkong, before the liberation of Chinese too, in the late Qing Dynasty Hu Xueyan was a bank treasurer, after their own play. So, a mature economy, more than 90% entrepreneurs, is a "traitor", unless you are in graduate school after graduation, immediately accept angel fund investment, fame, or just beat me, involved in related industries, always can "steal the mutiny" into the crime.

Lei Jun told Huang Zhang even "classical" have not been clear at friendship between gentlemen, Lei Lei Meizu, wisdom, you can find another mobile phone business aim, the acquisition of smaller than Meizu brand, and his enthusiasm for the world mobile phone search, excellence, never did not create a well-known mobile phone brand.

I: "black cattle X company often bred cattle X entrepreneurs, and they basically are not do within the company’s innovative business" – so, founder of bovine X are often the traitor

This was the last

Dong Mingzhu and Huang Zhang approached the news, naturally reminiscent of the founder Lei Jun millet and Meizu founder Huang chapter on the various.

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