Summon dragon Look at community operations What can you do with your collection

I don’t know what I’m talking about today. What’s the jargon in psychology?. Just like stamp collecting, users will spare no effort to collect virtual objects or real objects that TA considers valuable in the community, so that TA will get more satisfaction, and the more the number, the more exciting TA will feel.

in fact, many of us have this psychological tendency in real life, but the community users are more obvious, so today I’m here to talk about this topic with you. In the process of chatting, I will add some application parts in the operation and product work.


community users want most must be something they don’t get in real life,

this is really good to understand. Why is the Internet community all product forms, the most able to help and promote the form of a user landing? Users play the community itself is in fact to find the existence of a sense of identity, sense of belonging, a lot of time is often in real life can not meet their demands for some, so came to a community.

has a lot of people, in the virtual world and in the real world, two completely. They’re actually trying to prove their existence in another world.

, in reality, did not try to compensate for this psychological deficiency in the community. Why is it that many people are obsessed with games?.

in the community, money is not everything,


now a lot of 90, 95 years, has been very rich, even if not much money, but also willing to spend money, which is different from us 80.

money can buy a lot of things, but in the community, such as you do, a few hundred dollars they have not, to say the money is too cliche, people will say you low.

unless you have a very generous bonus, it’s not tempting for users. How much is the reward? 100 thousand? 200 thousand? 1 million? The key is 95% of the company. It’s impossible to give you this budget. So you can forget it


you see, less user does not look, the more you have to afford,

is not very embarrassed?

why should we guarantee the richness of the prizes,


you carefully study the activities of the best companies to do, you will find that their prizes will be very rich, definitely not single.

you’ll find that when a class or class of prizes is being used again and again, their allure for users is waning. A prize, such as pillow, when users get more than 3 as like as two peas, if he can continue to get fourth, he will be very generous to give away fourth.

why? The answer is that users have a hobby. First of all, you give users gifts, even if they are in reality what kind of identity, what age, they generally will not refuse

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