How to write soft text headlines in several ways

webmaster writing soft for their website to do promotion, or better to search engine included. I don’t need to talk about the importance. Everybody knows. Whether you really write the original soft text, or the so-called pseudo original, as to how to write soft Wen, you just search in a lower related keywords. You can find a lot to tell you how to write the soft article. So speed push network is not about how to write, promotion soft Wen, front about this topic, I have talked about "webmaster how to write a web site soft". Today, speed network to talk about how to write the title of soft wen.

, in fact, a good soft article, there should be a attract other people’s eye title. Many webmaster, I don’t want to pay too much attention to this soft Wen title. Proportion: a handsome young man, with long, is a man of striking appearance. If he dresses properly, whether he’s going to an interview with a company, or even a blind date. I want to wear the clothes and the scruffy, is not the boy went to an interview or two blind is what is the result? Not to say that we all know.

well, and said so many, some webmaster will ask me how to write their own soft Wen title? How to write the title to attract Internet users eyeball? Below I share with you my several summary way:

one, direct heading

direct title to direct the name of the article, the content of the center, not covered at all, read the title, I think of the content of the entire article. For example, "push the net" web site, mobile phone text messaging group related services". The title of the webmaster looked at the fast push network, now launched a mass SMS business. Stick out a mile。

two, indirect heading

indirect title will around a small circle, it is not clear exactly what to say in the title, but that some seemingly irrelevant words, can be transferred to the reader’s interest and appetite, and sometimes let the readers go away. For example, behind "flicker of doubt, the head also don’t set crazy, what what, an event occurred and what

three, digital headline

5 what, what, 3, what, what, 100, what, this title is also easy to attract everyone’s attention. For example: the 17 shop business is not good reason! 500 years Google to create a LOGO! And so on is the title of the article starts with a number of articles, such as the title of the soft many webmasters care, you know.

four and how to type title article

generally recommend soft article, with such a title, this kind of Title generally written knowledge and suggestion is relatively strong. In general, this kind of Web site, the webmaster likes to see, no matter the inside of the article is good, or how bad, because this may be able to learn a little knowledge. For example: "how to write soft Wen title of several ways? How to make creative original articles to search engine faster included", and so on,

five, question heading


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