Why do 80% operations can only be doomed to a boy

a person who wants to do a good job, I think may need –

1. some essential basic qualities and ways of thinking, work habits, such as: input output ratio awareness, process &, fine sense, return, post consciousness and so on.

2. at least a Nadechushou, can bring the output operation skills (such as: hard copy, content packaging & production, activity planning, user interaction, maintaining data analysis & & strategy).

in fact, sometimes, even if the 1 do not have, have not formed directly, to see a lot of skills and methods of class of things, is not reliable, and easy to lose.


80% operations can only be doomed to a


this is often also a lot of people have seen a lot of dry goods, but I think there is no reason to use eggs.

so, in the second major modules of this series, we’ll focus on the basics, the ways of thinking, the habits of work. In the next module, we’ll talk about some hard skills.

PS, in this module, some ladies too basic things, such as how much you have a number of logic, or to be familiar with some of the industry, don’t face adorable, enough to remember such things that you don’t know that I do not say.

and today’s serial 2.1, we have to talk to you about the two sounds hollow, but in fact, particularly important things, called "goal oriented awareness" and "efficiency awareness."".

goal orientation,

what is goal orientation,


generally speaking, all the work can be classified into the following two attributes:

1. purely functional support class work;

2. goal oriented work.

the former creates a low sense of value, but the latter creates a higher sense of value.

but, in our status in the three class students here, probably more than 80% of the students in the operation work, is actually a purpose often is not strong enough, or no purpose.

we for example, customer service, with user interaction, the user chat with such a thing, I believe this is the most operations are done, also is one of the common primary operation work.

, but it’s also a customer service conversation with a user, and you’ll find that there are probably two different approaches —

1. puts the customer service entrance on the product or website, and then someone comes to look for it and answers the questions step by step. No one is looking for it

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