The 4 outer chain construction tactics of you noticed


site link building is very necessary in network marketing, network marketing, and not just because it can improve your search engine optimization ranking, the more important is that it can also help a site is found (click the link), to create business opportunities, relationships with other sites into a network, and network the establishment of a more powerful online brand.


established itself as an authority in the whole process, finally get the link is the search engine that website or network automatically, but as a webmaster still can not ignore the artificial link building (link marketing).

link marketing, it is also referred to as the construction of the external links, should be a task priority, because it makes the URL and site brand in any other famous sites, but also can win a better flow in the future.

lists 4 effective external link technologies in this article. I’ve been writing articles for external links recently and will continue to explain external link technologies in the next 2-3 chapters. These can be used by organizations, small and medium sized enterprises and large business class companies.

#1: create your own high-quality image database (you can choose to sell or you can choose to store)

you might find that sometimes we search for something, and the first ones are Baidu pictures, especially clothes. If you don’t believe it, you can go and see it.

although it may need to budget (you will need to invest in hiring a professional photographer or graphic artist), which of course can improve your link building activities through royalties or copyright ownership.

once you set a private Gallery rich image of your own list, you can start blogging, you can come into contact with (in certain circumstances) a large number of blog, they can use the unique image, so this is your value proposition (free image or let them into your private galleries) will increase your website conversion rate.

you can extend this type of link building method by another strategy using reverse image search, where other bloggers begin using your picture without permission. You can use images such as tools, Google search, and Tineye to track those using your picture blog / Web site.

#2: obsolete content acquisition

now has thousands of pieces of content on the web, many of which are not permanent and many are also being maintained.

that obviously brought a lot of opportunities to link building, which you can use hundreds of outdated content in your industry has managed to obtain a natural link with the past (or time sensitive information linkbait) search and try to get content.

You can use the Greenland

search engine optimization outdated content search tools to find the maintenance content, you can still re li >

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