s it good to bake baked snacks with non baked potato

food and beverage industry in the key projects which, Xiaobian feel nothing more than snacks and fast food, fast food is the transformation of the needs of the times produced by the economic product, then the reason why the snacks so popular? Xiao Bian think may be because of the low threshold of its snacks, the audience wide, closer to ordinary people, it has been very popular. Not to mention snacks has become an important carrier of the Chinese and Western delicacy exchange, and with Western features baked snacks, one to enter the mainland market will lead to an upsurge of kuangzhui. Non baked potato baked snacks is combined with Chinese and Western style baking baked cheese taste authentic, developed with the Mediterranean flavor of baked food items are compared, the exotic delicacy, pizza, steak and other Western-style food more popular among young people!

non baked potato is baked to create multiple delicacy, family, from baked baked rice to noodles, from baked snacks to cool drink dessert, non baked potato Mo with a variety of feelings are leading the chowhound move on, but also leads you the road to wealth.

non baked potato – baked family, potato you wish

non baked potato and Mo shop site management is very flexible, not by the regional and area constraints, greatly reduce the investment risk, for different product sales headquarters collocation structure based on store size, a variety of colorful choice, the business will be sold.

5 square meters open fashion stalls mouth shop, that is to buy that go; 30-50 square meters to open a simple meal it can also be made into a hundred square meters of casual meals. Standardization of the production process, 1-2 shop, the use of high-end baking machine, without professional experience, you can taste the food 3 minutes.

non baked potato accession policy:

provide professional decoration design, the implementation of decoration, unified brand image. National unified training system, one-stop counseling and training to ensure that franchisees become experts. The headquarters of the professional marketing consultant, customer site selection, management and other pre – job guidance. By the unified management of the headquarters, to ensure that the taste of each store is consistent, so long lasting fiery business.

to provide promotional planning, technology upgrades, new research and development, such as a full range of support. In television, newspapers, magazines and other media to carry out a full range of three-dimensional publicity. Conduct the research and evaluation of the brand standard store, and put forward some suggestions to occupy the market. Strictly protected area, 1.5 square kilometers will never develop the second, to avoid vicious competition.

would like to join the non baked potato, please leave your site at the bottom of the words you want to say, we will see after the first reply to you.

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