Tiexi district held a public entrepreneurship and innovation a typical report

business needs to have a good feedback, and some good business to share the experience for the majority of entrepreneurs is also a very important thing, recently, in Liaoning held an open up a fresh outlook report.

7 21 PM, Tiexi District Public entrepreneurship, people’s innovation, the typical report will be held. Shenyang Jingu group president Liu Jinwen and other 7 representatives were about entrepreneurship and innovation, entrepreneurship and innovation of their own history. Tiexi District, the main leaders and relevant units of middle-level cadres, some college students and business representatives, such as more than 300 people listened to the report on the scene.

for a report that will, can in fact be often carried out in the community, not only can make people understand that entrepreneurs are hard, but also can give a lot of young people want to get rich entrepreneurs and some good inspiration.


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