What kind of juice is better to join the brand Business

to ask how the fruit juice market prospects in recent years, small series to tell you quite good, because the fruit itself is a natural healthy food, naturally recognized. So its juice in recent years is particularly popular, there are a variety of different brands on the market, then the market which join the brand?

what fruit juice join brand is better? See Xiaobian for you to introduce the following brands.


Beijing Huiyuan Beverage and Food Co. Ltd, juice ten brand, founded in 1992, from agricultural to industrial park, fruit processing plant, and then canned juice, Huiyuan Group is committed to research and development and production of fruit juice and juice drinks

Huiyuan Group was founded in 1992. At present in the country has established more than and 130 business entities, linked to about 10000000 acres of high-quality tea fruit and vegetable grain planting base, establish the basic sales throughout the country, build a north-south across the East and West, agricultural industrialization system. Fruit juice industry as the main body, the formation of Huiyuan Juice, Huiyuan fruit industry, Huiyuan agricultural mutual promotion and common development of the new pattern.



(Chinese) Investment Co. Ltd., Minute Maid, an early entry into the concentrated fruit juice market, launched the orange fruit / fruit / orange classic beautiful cool taste, contains real fruit is its biggest characteristic

As a Coca Cola Co

Minute Maid honor products, is the world’s high quality juice brand. At present, there are three fruit juice drinks which are rich in pulp fiber: "fruit orange", "beautiful fruit" and "cool orange". Three extra soft drinks contain the sun flesh, fruity, mellow taste.

"fruit orange" contains orange juice, while the product contains more vitamin C and fruit fiber, bring you from the inside out of the health, so that your mouth like, like the body.

can C be d

Beijing and beauty health technology group company keen insight into the pursuit of health, consumers pay attention to nutrition, diet beauty needs, first proposed the "nutrition and health" as the theme of the development of the concept of drinks in the industry, with health experts Xiong Miao teacher as the core, set up Miao Xiong studio, organized hundreds of R & D team scientific formula, special research Fresh Juice and juice nutrition combination, the successful launch of the "C D" fresh fruit and vegetable juice drinks, this is a kind of fresh fruit and vegetable juice squeezed into juice, with health plus oxygen technology science collocation, with "fresh, delicious, nutritious and healthy" the characteristics, therefore, can be C D in fresh fruit and vegetable juice by consumers is now identified as the best "nutrition and health drinks".

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