Cadres and the masses of the government work report full of confidence and expectations

around the Province cadres and the masses through newspapers, television, Internet, radio and other media, listening to and watching the "NPC and CPPCC" event, we believe that the "report" list of figures and a series of achievements, exciting, the report put it, doing a good job, for Qinghai’s future, we are full of confidence and expectations.

"this is the cohesion of public opinion, warm people’s good report"

when governor Hao Peng made the report, the city of Xining District 71 community retired workers and his wife Wang Chenghe are glued to the TV screen, heard: accelerate the development of modern transportation. The implementation of road clearing project, the construction of the province’s cities and towns, rural areas, the smooth flow of road transport system……" Wang Cheng said happily: "Xining to build the light rail, Delingha, Golog, Qilian Huatugou, even through the plane, this is a good thing for the ordinary people, after travel more convenient."

open the computer in Qinghai Pioneer Park entrepreneurial young Li Yonghu and colleagues, to watch the event through the network video, will also "report" forwarding exciting content to micro-blog, WeChat, netizens frequently listen to". He said, "the" report "proposed to broaden employment channels, improve and implement policies and measures to promote employment and entrepreneurship, strengthen the construction of public employment service and market system, the implementation of large-scale employment and entrepreneurship training project, efforts to enhance the training level and effectiveness, continue to improve the training system and the system of subsidies and support the construction of business incubators. See the provincial Party committee, the provincial government to take this as one of the ten practical livelihood of the people, we are encouraged to look forward to the new year to create new achievements in young people." In the Republican County of Shazhuyu on Kaligang village, the village Party branch secretary Shi Fuhai listened to the governor of the government work report, the mood is very excited. He told reporters: "actively and steadily push forward new urbanization, promote new rural construction and coordinated regional development, to create a 300 year pastoral beauty, the village beauty, the beauty of life beautiful countryside, and strive to achieve full coverage of the beautiful countryside in 2020." Let the dividends of reform and development benefit the people of all ethnic groups in the province…… Such words are very exciting, very warm, our people’s life more rewarding the!"

this is a pragmatic and innovative, inspiring good report

day, either at the venue, or discussed in each group and sectors during the meeting, representatives of the members agreed that the "report" reflects public opinion, pool their wisdom, embodies democracy, public opinion and people’s livelihood; and for the scientific development of the work, to really move, the real service to improve people’s livelihood, a comprehensive, objective and pragmatic innovation.

"government work report" inspiring, eager to grasp, early action, seize the initiative." Zhang Wenkui representative said.

The "

" government work report "proposed to build an upgraded version of Qinghai economy, the United States of Qinghai upgrade, improve people’s livelihood upgrade, complete index system, specific objectives and tasks, and in line with the the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee central economic work conference, in accordance with the actual situation in our province. The full completion of the objectives and tasks, will give the masses of all ethnic groups;

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