Hospitals are to start testing all citizens that exhibit COVID-19 symptoms

first_imgStatewide—Indiana seems to fall short on a daily basis of utilizing the capacity of test processing.  In order to know if we are truly flattening the curve, the amount of test processed will need to go up while the number of people with positive test results goes down. During Governor Holcomb’s daily press conference on Tuesday, a question was asked in regards to when will guidelines for hospitals, clinics, and other testing facilities be broader to allow anyone to be tested. Dr. Kristina Box, the Indiana State Department of Health Commissioner stated that she wants the health care professionals to test anyone that at this point in time if they have any reason to suspect COVID-19 or any risk factors. Dr. Box stated that it also wants to continue to test those admitted to the hospitals even if the chest x-rays or ct scan is clearly compatible with COVID-19.  The testing sites will be opening up the scope of testing to include family members of health care workers and first responders.last_img

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