Xining City more than two medical institutions to support the work of township hospitals to achieve

in accordance with the "Qinghai Province in 2009 more than two medical institutions of township hospital targeted aid project implementation details of the notice" requirement, the City Health Bureau in May 2009 to start the implementation of more than two medical institutions of township hospital targeted aid project. More than two hospitals organize city and county 10, take a variety of helpwithquot channels and measures, targeted aid Huangzhong County, Huangyuan County, Datong County in 10 township hospitals recipient. Since the implementation of the project for 1 years, the city sent a total of two more than 10 medical institutions, medical personnel more than 36 people, and 38494 outpatient visits, 7908 patient visits, rescuing 142 people, the Organization Department 1986 rounds, teaching operation in 60 cases, 215 cases of difficult cases to discuss the organization, to carry out seminars 232, to help develop new technology 40, additional training staff of 21 people, 519 mobile medical assistance, equipment, drugs, substances such as a discount of 37400 (yuan), the improvement of regulations 15. At the same time also assist the recipient hospital school, in the body and hepatitis B vaccination work census.
for helping to ensure that the work carried out, the Municipal Health Bureau organize relevant personnel regularly for the support unit and recipient unit supervisory assessment, from the assessment results, targeted aid work is effective and orderly management, to further improve the service level of rural grassroots medical institutions, has played a positive role, and by the broad masses of peasants welcome.


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