Regional, National Land Police underway- GL&SC Head

first_imgThe Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission (GL&SC) has implemented a number of initiatives aimed at improving services and integrity at the Commission. This was announced by Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer Trevor Benn during a two-day outreach in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam).During a television programme, he also noted that the establishment of Regional and National Land Use Policies is underway.Commissioner Benn addressing land applicants and land leasers at a community meeting at Dartmouth Community“There should be National and Regional Land Use Policies… It is our expectation that these [Land Use] Plans will be prepared on a more frequent basis, and updated more regularly… There is a committee that has been put together to begin work on a National Land Policy, and that committee is also tasked with reviewing our Land Use Plans,” he said.The two-day outreach was conducted to bring resolution to a number of land issues brought to the Commissioner’s attention by residents of the township of Anna Regina and its surrounding villages.The Commissioner, flanked by a 10-person team comprising representatives from the Georgetown GL&SC office, the Region Two GL&SC office, and the Department of Housing, listened to the concerns of over 80 residents from Anna Regina; The Deep, The Jib, Dartmouth, Lima Dam, La Belle Alliance, and the surrounding villages.Benn said such community visits and outreaches and face-to-face contacts with residents allow for more informed decision making on land issues and disputes. “It is our principal position that, as servants of the people, we are required to consult with them, to discuss with them their issues, and to get advice as is necessary…. From time to time, there are letters coming to us, and instead of making decisions on those letters, we like to understand the circumstances that may have led to these letters, and one of our ways of doing that is to come on the ground and see for ourselves… We are now better prepared to respond to the requests of those individuals,” he declared.In order to ensure President David Granger’s vision of an ‘unbribable’ Public Service at the level of the GL&SC, the Commission has also taken measures to improve integrity and accountability. “We have zero tolerance for corruption at the Commission, which is another reason (why) we do these visits… If any [corruption is] happening, we will know. We will hear first-hand from the people…“Just recently, because of corruption, we’ve had to send home two staff [members]. We’re taking steps daily to ensure that our staff (are) sensitised. We are making our office more open to the public…  We’re putting cameras in the building, and we are using [press] mediums to let people know that they do not have any requirement to pay staff members for the service they provide, and any payment made must be done on a receipt”.To that, Benn added that the Commission has an open mind when it comes to constructive criticism from the people of Guyana. “We are very open to members of the public in terms of how we can improve the service [that] we deliver. Again, this is why we come to the field.  We don’t ever assume that we have the answers to all of the question that are out there,” he said.The Commission will be implementing an Acknowledgement of Receipt system to assure applicants that their applications have been received and are being processed. This was a suggestion made by Region Two resident and land applicant Mr. Charles Gregory during a Regional Community Meeting conducted during the outreach.Chairman of the Interim Management Committee of the Guyana National Co-operative Union Limited (GNCUL), Mr. Derrick Cummings, praised Mr. Benn for not losing touch with the people on the ground. “Commissioner Benn, I’ve known you for a long time, and I’m very happy to see that you’ve never lost the common touch and never lost the interest in trying to work with the down-trodden, and to bring justice to those who need justice,” he said.Chief Co-operatives Development Officer within the Ministry of Social Protection, Ms. Perlina Gifth, said the GL&SC has been particularly helpful with land issues involving co-operative groups. “I want to thank the Commissioner for the work that he is doing, because the Lands and Surveys Department has been in contact with us where persons have applied for land representing co-op societies… [The Commission has] been checking to see the validities of the groups… [In] the interest of people who want to be involved in agriculture… He [would] consider their applications and have the process done to issue titles,” she said.The Commissioner made courtesy calls on the Mayor and Council Members of Anna Regina and the Regional Chairman of Region Two, and attended the dedication ceremony of the GNCUL’s Office Building.last_img

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