Footballer stabbed to death

first_img…after accidentally spilling drink on suspect Police in Linden, Region 10, are investigating the murder of local footballer Leonard “Lenny” Peters of Lot 29 West Watooka, Wismar; who was stabbed to death after he accidently spilled his drink on one of his assailants while at a bar at West Watooka, Linden.Reports are that the 21-year-old was at a bar when he accidently spilled his drink on one of the suspects, and this led to a physical confrontation between the men.This newspaper was told that one of the suspects reportedly went to his home, situated a short distance away, and uplifted a knife. Upon his return, he stabbed Peters once to the left side of his chest.Peters started bleeding from the wound, and was rushed to the Linden Hospital Complex (LHC), where he succumbed while receiving medical attention.Speaking to this publication on Saturday, the dead man’s father, Leonard Peters Snr, said he was awakened by his wife, who related that their son had been stabbed.The distraught father said his son collapsed a short distance away from his home before he was transported to the hospital.“The brother rush out there and see Lenny lie down in the corner there… But it ain’t happen here, it happen in front, and Lenny come and fall down there…they put he in the front seat of the car and they rush he to the hospital,” Peters related.He added that he later went to the hospital, where he saw the extent of his son’s injuries. “When I go there, they tell me I can’t come in. When I look, a set of nurses and doctors deh round Lenny… I see Lenny lie down in there, all over wash away in blood,” he added.Peters said the family was still trying to gather information as to what had really transpired, as the information had not been forthcoming. He noted, however, that the suspects are known to his son, since they had grown up in the same neighbourhood.“All I know is that Lenny got stabbed, and I heard that two brothers that live in front do the job.They grow up together as brothers in this place. I ain’t really know what happened there. But this morning (Saturday) I hearing that one of them go upstairs and bring out a knife and stab Lenny,” the older Peters related.He noted that, much to his dissatisfaction, the Police have not been forthcoming with information on his son’s death.“When I asked them, they just saying that they doing Police investigation,” the senior Peters said. He noted that his wife has since been inconsolable over the incident.A cousin of the deceased who was at the location at the time was also taken into Police custody for questioning.Peters Snr described his son, who was a footballer with the High Stars football club, as a very quiet and loving individual.At the home of the deceased on Saturday, relatives and friends gathered to give comfort to the family, but his mother remained inconsolable. The young man also leaves to mourn his girlfriend from Berbice, who is pregnant. According to his father, his was slated to be married within five months.Meanwhile, Police have since said that they have taken two brothers into custody for the murder. This publication was told that one of the suspects took investigators to his home on Saturday morning, where he handed over a knife which is believed to be the murder weapon.last_img

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