10 shot during prison riot

first_img– fire ignited in retaliation to gunshotsAt least 10 inmates of the Lusignan Prison on the East Coast of Demerara were on Monday evening shot and injured after they protested the poor conditions at the facility.A prisoner covered in blood after receiving gunshot woundsPhotos seen by this newspaper showed several men covered in blood after allegedly being shot by wardens stationed in the towers around the perimeter of the prison.A source told Guyana Times that the inmates were protesting the food given them on Monday afternoon. They reportedly threw the food and other utensils at the wardens, who retaliated by opening fire on them.The prisoners, however, were in the holding area while they were being shot at. Things escalated after the inmates realised the wardens were using live bullets.In addition to the gunshots, the prison wardens used tear gas, thus causing a greater ruckus at the penitentiary.Guyana Times was told there are no water supplies in the prison, and that the toilet facilities are unacceptable.The fire that was set by inmates in protestHowever, it is believed that several inmates were attempting to dig up the tarmac, pelting wardens and lighting sporadic fires. As a result, fire fighters were deployed to the scene, and the inmates set alight old clothing to get the attention of the authorities.Moments after the riot had started, acting Director of Prisons, Gladwin Samuels, and Commissioner of Police, Leslie James, arrived on scene with the intention of getting the situation under control, but the situation escalated further with inmates setting mattresses on fire.The blaze was eventually contained by fire fighters, who had to use the surrounding towers to carry out their duties. Guyana Times understands that several prisoners were rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital to seek medical attention.This riot came mere hours after three prisoners escaped from the facility by scaling a fence while the security officials were asleep.last_img

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