West District people enjoy the Spring Festival cultural feast

to carry forward the traditional Chinese culture, so that the people share the fruits of cultural development, new year’s day, Spring Festival, carefully organize the West District arrangement rich and colorful cultural activities, to make a cultural feast to benefit the masses. As early as December 2013, West District on the development of a series of cultural activities during the Spring Festival program, the establishment of the main Committee headed by the West District Committee to be responsible for the implementation of the cultural activities. The organizing committee adhere to the small dispersion, thrifty and the principles of cultural Huimin, carefully planned, organized a "harmonious" Spring Festival Cultural Tourism Festival and the three cultural activities, including bless the people activities, folk cultural activities, elegant art activities, mass cultural activities, cultural exhibition activities, tourism shopping activities, township cultural activities 7 plate. For the first time elegant art to the mass cultural activities, the event also invited the provincial cultural and artistic names to the countryside, into the community for the masses to perform. It is reported that this morning will be held in the sunning Plaza new rural town will hold excellent fire drama special pay New Year’s call, in the afternoon of February 13th, kylin Bay Plaza in the west area of culture and Art Center held public Lantern Festival opera performances and other activities.

up to now, West District to carry out the Spring Festival mass cultural activities 26 (times). Including community performances, Spring Festival couplets to send public activities, condolences activities, the eve of the lunar new year, the spring warmth activities parade activities, public square theatrical performances, theatrical performances, all kinds of spring 3 three countryside activities, 1 community concert, 1 community fun games, 3D magic art exhibition and tourism shopping activities. In the Spring Festival, folk customs, folk Shehuo performances of heavy Akira, spirit. The newly opened West District Cultural Arts Center in continuous organized activities, come here to visit people in a continuous line, not only become a good place for the masses Festival, also became the west area of Spring Festival cultural activities of the headquarters of


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