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first_imgI have dark circles around my eyes. How can I get rid of them?Dark circles are usually linked to lack of sleep, stress and depression. However, other conditions such as Vitamin B12 deficiency, liver ailments, obesity and a genetic predisposition could be the cause??, says Dr Shubhra Goel, associate consultant, Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai. Rule out the medical conditions first and then make small lifestyle changes. Get seven to eight hours of sleep every night and reduce your stress levels. Consume a balanced diet rich in anti-oxidants, calcium, magnesium and Vitamins B12 and K, she adds. Home remedies such as covering your eyes with cucumber slices may also help. If these dont work, consult a doc. She may suggest chemical peels or topical ointments containing any or a few of these: Vitamins C, K, kojic acid and retinoids. In extreme conditions, you may need to opt for laser therapy, adds Goel.My 16-year-old son is addicted to the television and gaming consoles. It is affecting his academic performance. What should I do?A: Boys find it intoxicating to be immersed in the virtual world because it is completely under their control. When theyre engaged in these activities, their brain produces endorphins giving them a high, says Delhi-based clinical psychiatrist Dr Jitendra Nagpal. Instead of taking any extreme step like cutting off the TV connection or seizing his gaming consoles, talk to him to figure out if there is any hidden stress that hes trying to overcome. Also give him interesting alternatives to gaming or watching TV. Encourage him to take up a sport, take him for a swim and plan outings to help him develop other engaging habits.My nails are brittle. How do I make them healthy again?Brittle nails are a natural sign of ageing. They may also be the result of long-term exposure to harsh solvents (those in nail polish removers) and detergents, constant contact with water and a wide variety of medical conditions. Another common cause behind chipping nails could be biotin (Vitamin B7) deficiency. Take supplements if needed, suggests Dr Hema Pant, consultant dermatologist with Kaya Skin Clinic, Delhi. A few home remedies you may try: soak a cotton ball in olive or castor oil and gently swab it on your brittle fingernails; dip your fingers in lukewarm salt water for some time every day, wipe them dry and moisturise. A nail hardener could also be a potential protector for your nails.I frequently get painful leg cramps at bedtime. What should I do to stop them?Night-time leg cramps are triggered by involuntary muscle contractions in the calves or soles of the feet. There might be soreness of muscles even after the cramp goes away. Though the underlying cause is not clear, the probable reasons could be long hours at the desk, dehydration, overworking of muscles and improper posture,?? says Dr Sandeep Budhiraja, director, Max Institute of Internal Medicine, New Delhi. In rare cases, it may be a symptom of Parkinsons disease and endocrine disorders. Stay hydrated (drink six to eight glasses of water each day) and stretch your calf muscles before you go to bed. This may reduce the frequency of nocturnal cramps,?? he suggests.The Colour GreenNeed some inspiration? Look at something green. A quick glimpse at the colour is enough to get your creative juices flowing, finds a new study from the University of Munich. Our brains associate the colour green with growth and development that seems to spur our desire for self-improvement, says study author Stephanie Lichtenfeld. Keep a green plant in your office, paint your study green or change your screen saver to greenand nail any creativity challenge that comes your way!advertisementlast_img

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