My electricity supplier small seller entrepreneurial process

was the first to introduce myself, I was in Sichuan, contact the electricity supplier for 3 years, beginning not to understand, is the 1 day brush brush drill fudge a 2 drill shop, brush out are some of the few money products, there is no practical significance. It was not long before the Taobao shop, because it is not their own reputation is not sad to sell, that is, the loss of a few hundred dollars to buy a lesson. To be honest.

then re apply for a Taobao account, re shop, this time there is no brush, from dawn to dusk every day, busy watching tutorials, about 1 months is not 5, the anxious mood don’t mention it, then go to the train, no way, although the train than the car have to burn money, but also to open on the train, learning a month, every day study keywords, website optimization than hard sell, is the men we need to study what and when key words flow, sometimes competing, not elected, he is new, not less money, can only choose some accurate long tail words. read more

Rapid improvement of the site traffic integrity rule

with the development of e-commerce, the Internet has penetrated into all aspects of people’s lives, large and small e-commerce sites in order to attract a lot of traffic, have racked their brains. And what kind of marketing way is the best, the most suitable for their own business, perhaps not the most accurate answer, but for many small and medium enterprises, how to maximize the publicity through the limited cost, to attract more target groups, in fact there are still many methods to try.

a, soft marketing, value is the fundamental

soft Wen is able to direct advertising way to spread enterprise information or products. From the cost point of view, the cost of soft text is very low, but if an article written well, you can play the same effect. When you look at the media, usually in the news, newspapers and magazines, are likely to have a soft article, but you did not find. Soft itself is a kind of articles, as long as the content is good for you, you don’t have to go into is not soft. The low cost of soft marketing, so the majority of e-commerce companies have the form of soft Wen to promote their website. read more

Electronic Commerce traditional retailers need to blaze a new trail

and Jingdong A new force suddenly rises. as early as August 2007 and January 2009 Mall for $10 million and $21 million in financing, then seems to have not let the traditional retailers feel the market opportunities and pressure. Jingdong in January this year and stores the successful financing of $150 million, become the largest since the financial crisis in the field of Internet e-commerce or even a financing, finally let the industry exclaimed: why venture capital frequently phase a loss for 6 consecutive years of Jingdong B2C e-commerce shopping mall? What what

can do?

related figures may indicate strong e-commerce: Jingdong mall has maintained 300% consecutive years of rapid development of more than 5. 2009 turnover of nearly 4 billion yuan, more than 6 million registered users, and the share of 3C online shopping to become China’s largest B2C e-commerce business in. 2010, Jingdong mall sales target will hit 10 billion yuan. read more

Liu Erchuang Beginner how to earn his first gold

once wrote a series of articles quickly earning 1W, but found a lot of people watching what no real meaning, so I feel that if you want to see, you can click on the, 20101029/284171.shtml and a series of articles, I have to write something for the novice, but what you do or not do, this is your problem.

first pot of gold, is our most precious thing, like first women, everyone, every thing, there are first times, first times after stimulation, in particular, the mood is also very tangled, unforgettable, many people look forward to their network in the first pot of gold, but very many friends in the network walked for a long time did not find, why? May say you know the way out, you could say that there is no good way, you could say that the execution is not, for many reasons, manifestations, want to solve, is very simple, we look at the proposal to solve the problem of Liu Erchuang: in this article I wrote immediately, might be able to help some friends. read more

Why the website alliance Eslite Vancl

is the end of the year, the major portals are busy up ten events in 09 years, but the electronic commerce B2C VANCL also seems to be too busy to expand the brand and lowered the price of spot sales, but sales of the VANCL in the end how to estimate only their sales department to understand. As e-commerce promotion veteran, vintage of cheap to promote all aspects of is well known, although the method of VANCL promotion is every webmaster interested in the topic, this paper does not intend to VANCL promotion strategy to make a comprehensive analysis, just want to the network alliance failure and the reasons for its failure are discussed.

How to do the

alliance, its core is a win-win situation, but there is a real win-win, estimated to have experience of people have had a profound experience, and in order to win, must have complementary resources, a win-win complementary resources just talk. VANCL, vice president of bell Kaixin delivery network alliance plan, let their banners fluttering in every corner of the Internet, but not too expensive, baidu Google, forget it or pay per click,! Into a good idea. China has about one million professional and industry characteristics, website,. With the help of the power of the long tail, can be any one corner of the VANCL advertising to the Internet, more important is to put on the website according to the effect of advertising is split, every sale of a single commodity, VANCL to split fee website alliance agency 16%~ 18%, without the need for advertising fees paid in advance, really is a good idea. read more

Check each electricity supplier for the Jingdong 618 Besieged

Jingdong 618 activities so big, small partners, of course, to do their best to create. Small simple inventory of what several major electricity supplier of Jingdong 618 monday. The Taobao and Tmall is keen to fight with the Jingdong than Ali for them, of course, the 32 day battle shouting put up a pageantry of the United States online (previously shout slogans on money than your Jingdong). Of course is really cheap or really propaganda, which requires each of the consumers’ own piercing eye.

Gome online, peak showdown, decisive battle 32 days

Tmall big promotion in the year (618 is a big promotion of digital products)

years to promote

– Battle World Cup

360 UPS 618 on the base (which is the highest level of irony), worthy of the fun is that all 360 at the bottom of the browser will appear similar, if you are in the Jingdong shopping, may have a little misunderstanding. read more

Online shop under the net entity operating shop amphibious operation was investigated

China Ningbo news recently, Cixi industry and Commerce Department found a shop and the network entity "amphibious" operation in the inspection, and to give the investigation of unlicensed.

Guangdong Liu later graduated to work in Cixi, has not found work. From the beginning of last year, Liu Zairen flow less Zhangqi town Cixi Ocean Village rented a house, and registered in Taobao, began to sell online from small appliances. In order to open up the market, small Liu Yeshun will sell a small home appliances in the hut. After a period of operation, the "network business entity" amphibious small appliance stores have been full of sound and colour "".

"in our daily inspections found that the" amphibious "of small household electrical appliances store, after investigation, the unlicensed and parties for promotion, an established fact, Liu is also part of the" xiaotianwang "washing machine sales of false propaganda." According to the Cixi branch of the industrial and commercial cadres from the palm of the introduction, in view of the illegal operation of the time is not long, small amount of business, which has been ordered to correct it immediately, and impose a fine of 1000 yuan penalty. read more

Optimize the development trend of B2C website from the website of XX

twenty-first Century will enter the era of e-commerce, is the inevitable social development, we have no choice but to live in the era of e-commerce. For those of us owners, electricity traders, it is necessary to understand this trend, and walk in the forefront of the trend. As we all know, the traditional e-commerce model is divided into different types of e-commerce, there are B2B, B2C, C2C and other types. Today, we will optimize the web site from this collection, peep the development trend of B2C website.

The development trend of

B2C may C2C the electronic commerce, to the fine and regional development, that is to say, the future is likely to never appear like Tmall large B2C platform, but there will be a number of local consumer oriented B2C platform in the small and medium-sized city across the country, the feature of this model is of medium size online, offline synchronization. The child is father of the man e-commerce site, let the collection optimization speak, this is a picture of certain basic information collection network. read more

Taobao online shopping do not ignore the Hongkong guest

in the past two or three years, Taobao in Hongkong to do a lot of advertising, more and more people like to shop in Hongkong Taobao. After all, compared to the price of Hongkong, the Taobao shopping is still a great price advantage. According to statistics, the current 10 Taobao customers, there are 1 people in Hongkong or Taiwan, accounting for about 10% of the total number of shopping, we can see how large the number of groups. If you ignore the Hongkong or Taiwan passengers, no doubt that is less than 10% of the business, or even more!

according to my understanding of the people of Hongkong Taobao shopping habits, they have three characteristics, namely the relatively large amount of shopping, shopping and shopping for little more forthright offer high satisfaction.

first: the amount of shopping is relatively large. read more