How to quickly find new quality Links

select the target site, check the site in the major search engines is normal, using "site: target URL" see included, if only one or a few included in 10 pages, it is possible to search engine drop right suspect.

, by searching for keywords

site outside the chain and chain number

4. see

in the "site: target site to see whether the latest snapshot, or within 3 days. If the snapshot difference for a week or more, is likely to remain the snapshot. It can be seen from the figure third page website snapshot is relatively healthy.

included in the snapshot and query are normal, can use Adsense tools to check the target URL included and this week included, in order to better judge the quality of the website.

included snapshot didn’t what problem, then check the number of the chain and the target web site about its website itself derived links, can judge the website external work > read more

n the website optimization over a fatal error you still have

we finally said that under the site excessive optimization problem, namely, the website is long-term operation >

today we will talk about some problems of excessive site optimization, website optimization over everybody said this is more sensitive, to optimize the website, little attention will cause excessive website optimization, which is the most difficult thing for you, in fact, as long as the master key to avoid excessive site optimization it can be very good to avoid the occurrence of this phenomenon, the most fear is more eager to optimize some new sites will eventually backfire on the website optimization this thing can not be anxious, need to have enough patience and confidence to deal with, if the site optimization excessive, then we must first do a detailed analysis from the station, when the site was K, the most common mistakes are the following: read more

Yihuiblog search engine 301 jump test summary

look at this page > three group

is divided into pages 1 and 2, the search engine is how to treat the test and identification of ordinary HTML page jump. The method is in the following 1 plus page meta tag code, jump to page 2:

              < script language=" javascript" >
              VAR the_timeout = setTimeout (" location=’jump in quot, the results page address; 10000);
              < /script>


test mainly for Shanghai and noble love baby, the test page will be permanently retained, to facilitate future observation. First look at these three groups of tests, the third group is added in April 10th.

is divided into third groups: page 5 and 6, the search engine is how to treat the test and identification of external JS jump. The method is on page 5 add the following JS code (JS transfer transfer includes jump code), jump to the 6: read more

Novices can two months will Wuhan Shanghai dragon sent home

wants to be a qualified staff of Shanghai Longfeng one to have, that is the ability to learn knowledge from the internet. Perhaps the early in the site.

you ask Shanghai dragon predecessors what we need to do a novice, they will answer you with almost the same answer, first built a blog. Yes, I have listened to the suggestion, made a related blog named Wuhan Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Long Fenghu yang. At first, have been using the wordpress blog or Z-blog, later found out that my choice is wise, that is to use wordpress. The blog is indeed a novice learning methods, Shanghai dragon, because in the process, you will encounter a lot of problems before you did not know, but we need to grow in the process of solving these problems, after all, practice.


the following simple talk about my growing experience, apply to everyone, see you have perseverance. In order to know Shanghai dragon in this industry, also as far as possible in order to save money, I spent a few days, a large collection of articles A5, Chinaz, why several Shanghai Longfeng authoritative website and original posts, especially the essence. After collecting also need patience and consolidation, the article read, understand the overall meaning, then this article summed up the central idea, delete redundant words, is simply to extract the essence of the article. As for search engine technology is the need for confidentiality, clear standard is not possible in the Shanghai dragon in this industry, which is good which is not good, so we need to find the correct answer as far as possible from these articles, screened from the point of view in the most feasible way to win a few. read more

Li Keqiang answers a reporter to ask what does he say about nternet pioneering workThe domain name

, my wife and I bought 9 domains at a very cheap price, all 3 and 4 websites, and spent all the deposits except the gift of marriage. His wife always support my point of view, put the money in the bank, will not change much, only with money, so this is very strongly support I do this thing, and we didn’t have kids, and I was a civil servant, the pressure of life is relatively small.

Li Keqiang said, he also has online shopping experience, recently also bought several books. "I would like to advertise for new formats such as online shopping, express and drive e-commerce, etc.." Because it brings great employment, creates jobs and stimulates consumption, people tend to be more enthusiastic about online consumption. Li Keqiang expresses, oneself ever went to the village that a net buys a shop to concentrate to have seen, there 800 households opened more than 2000 shop net, can see the space that poineering work has how old. read more

Overview of data analysis and understanding of Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon flow

For example,

Shanghai dragon is a very mature industry, can refer to the information is very limited, most of the things to explore through the data, and the process of exploration, can often reveal the past by intuition not aware of the truth. So sometimes data for Shanghai dragon is very cruel, often a simple data can negate a number of years of hard work.

collection can be subdivided: included quantity *

(the popular Shanghai dragon books, spent a lot of space to write examples of a website analysis and operation but the site of the Shanghai dragon flow is very low, did not see much effect. Because although there are a large number of "analysis", it is in no sense data.

is often let me help briefly in Shanghai Longfeng related data analysis to do, even expected to crash a few hours. But this may not cover too much, does not have to be in two words or three, where simple generalization. read more

The medical website how to dig deep love Shanghai traffic

answer: love Shanghai know, Search ask, love asked the question and answer, sina

optimizationExcept for platform release

: Shanghai dragon

love Shanghai for promotion can get fast and accurate flow of a website, contact the target customers with. But there are also some great disadvantages: one is due to the intense competition, directly lead to high medical term bidding unit; the other one is in love with sea breeze nest system IP address restrictions only to the province, but not accurate to the city, the direct result of the invalid access to a large field of city, commonly known as burn. So, in addition to bid, medical websites should be how to promote


Xicihutong, Xicihutong weight is very high, and users can self discuss version >

58, 58 day each column can be free to send an article, need to review, but generally by read more

How to determine the content of repetitive search engine

with a simple words, the search engine’s resources are limited, and the user’s demand is infinite. A large number of duplicate content consume valuable resources of search engine, so from the point of view of cost must be processed to duplicate content.

two, the search engine has duplicate content which forms

Repeated collection of

search engine is the most valued thing, only deal with duplicate content, the presence of more useful information presented to the user, the user can buy it.

, a search engine why actively deal with duplicate content

4, improve the user experience

1, save the crawling, indexing, content analysis of space and time


, only 3 of similar content.

1, the format and content are similar. This situation is more common in the electricity supplier website, steal phenomenon meet the eye everywhere. read more

Join Wangzhuan month earns 1000 yuan really so easy to doFocus on mobile nternet start ups day sear

There is the so-called

mobile Internet era, the speed of changes in the situation, product innovation efforts have achieved unprecedented jump. But in the new era, the survival and development of enterprises, standing industry forefront entrepreneurs how to better realize, is a lifelong proposition every people need to think of the internet. If you are on this topic of intense interest, to pay attention to this forum, and a lot of books, and the wisdom of blows, and tinsou technology together and asked

months to earn thousands of dollars a lot even A5 tutorial, there are a lot of articles like this, click to see you go after will understand that the content that is not to teach you how to do earn thousands of yuan or is generally something to give you direction, say very general, and no truly meaningful to you things, therefore, suggest that you do not have to look at this tutorial can be skipped. read more

Novice to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization problems need to pay attention to the station

search engine is currently through some relevant content identification flash, Javascript data, but it is recommended that you should not use these to display the page important content or links. After all, the search engine can not like to read the accurate recognition of text content. So for the important content of the page or recommend the use of text to display.

5. to minimize the use of frame and iframe frame structure

2. full use of web page or channel home page description tag

6. reduces the number of parameters and the dynamic web page length

a lot of people do not know how to do when the site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, led directly to the station can not do it, or for a long time without any changes, and give yourself a website conceived for a long time. So the novice do stand, in the end what to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization? And the need to pay attention to what problem? Here is my personal experience to share Optimization: read more

Shanghai dragon is no longer fight technology but to fight operations in the

The last time Albert

interviewed 100 Ge Shanghai dragon world famous teacher ZAC, he heard of Shanghai dragon explained I have deep feelings, Shanghai dragon is not only in the fight technology. Because with the Shanghai dragon more knowledge and learn to believe in the ZAC spectrum, Shanghai dragon era, information is poor in comparison. At that time, people are more love to share, a year they founded the SEO forum not for anything else, just to share, and later became a banner of Shanghai Longfeng community. Just then they are busy with their careers, no one care forum is deserted. Which is like this era, an era of information explosion, the knowledge of many of you do not know who should believe, and the search engine is more and more open, such as the China search engine leader love Shanghai is now slowly to open the. Issued a search engine guide 1 and 2, Shanghai dragon correctly guide the webmaster better, and the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform, complaint channels, although not very good, but all too slowly. read more

17 year old programmer launched Summly for the nternet burden reading applicationsMack Content Alli

today, Summly is officially open to download, and everyone can enjoy the fun of simplified reading. In order to adapt to a variety of different devices, Summly has modified all content formats, so users do not have to scroll the slider, just touch the device screen. By working with investors, consultants and graduate students at Stanford University, Summly says the team is working to make content more relevant, not personalized. D’Aloisio believes that news needs to evolve out of customization and personalization, as the media needs to change radically.

automatically updates all content once the user selects a news topic or defines a good source of news. Summly. This function is very similar to FlipBoard, but the difference is that the latter is crawling and integrating content from social networking sites. The selected channel content will be more than every 30 minutes read more

Bidding click software rampant love Shanghai search prospects

The number of

many people will care about love, whether Shanghai can avoid dropping many malicious clicks, my answer is "not optimistic". This is according to the analysis of 55 visitors love Shanghai for promotion account of the results of the data. I use a superposition of two analysis, interpretation of data:

, what is the malicious click

three, Shanghai is in good faith for love "to prevent malicious click"


to clarify the "malicious click", and "invalid clicks" must come to understand. "Malicious click" refers to their no procurement requirements, but deliberately fell in love with the sea search and click on the keywords to malicious behavior consumption competitors advertising. "Invalid clicks" refers to the love sea search and click on the keywords users, click all behavior is not the intention of customers, both intentional and unintentional. Therefore, the "malicious click" is a kind of belongs to the "invalid clicks", but it is a kind of hurt advertising the biggest waste of "love Shanghai users". read more

The advantages and disadvantages of the construction site outside the chain increased sharply

for a new station for a day, increase 5-10 chain is enough, if a time increases too much the chain, the spider will think this site cheating, which lead to site is down right. A new weight is normal, but there are so many outside the chain of high weight, the spider will think that is not normal. So the increase in the frequency of the chain to keep pace with the change of the spider.

as the saying goes: one can’t eat a fat man. Your own site outside the chain of a time increase, spiders can’t eat that.


method is also used by bloggers often said that the chain, but found a week down, the effect of the chain is the site, but also out of the question. The website snapshot from the previous snapshot to the present correction, also included a lot less. For a new station, I just go to the chain, the website content did not keep up with. The chain weights are also very high, the increase in the number of many, the stability is also very good, but the chain has increased dramatically and there is not much effect to the site. Here is not to say that the construction of the chain will cause the site to drop right, just outside the chain increased sharply, will only bring to website malpractice. read more

Beginner must have the mentalityChen Lei general manager of Tencent cloud platform Department nter

let me give you a few examples. For example, we have a very like advertising machine product called WeChat printer, the user can brush through the way of two-dimensional code on a WeChat public account, then developers can get revenue from advertisers there, this is a way of advertising effect.

we are considering the combination of cloud and printer. At present, every cloud users upload photos number more than 170 million, and is the original quality is relatively high, there will be a lot of photo printing needs. And each WeChat printer has LBS information, you can let users choose to print nearby, in this way, the user from home to the printer in front. At the same time, we are also opening

the following text according to Chen Lei speech record finishing, without my review:

new friends are usually found some simple construction course, with a short time to set up the site, everywhere crazy to collect information on advertising to brush flow, the flow of software, brush advertising and so on, but it can not help but come to a K end, even spend the station do not earn fees come back, some people also complained that the website profit prohibitively difficult. I can say that is over, these psychological behavior, these have also completely on my body showed no doubt, is not difficult to profit even more station, station may be prohibitively difficult, the key lies in their mentality, new friends just set foot in this field should be quiet station, to the station, should not take profit the word first, holding a taste to make money attitude to the construction of a site, then you will never be able to build a successful site. It is because the patient, so you will not follow the prescribed order by station, officially because of wealth eager, so you never go too observant of conventional standards. enrich their site content, only to a collection, or copy and paste, not to streamline the original or false original things, popular point is not only of things, even if more information, resources in many, this site is just a garbage station, is at best a good point of the garbage station, unable to get rid of the fate of read more

Shanghai Longfeng electric car combat 1

2, making sitemap.txt, the current URL path are arranged in the main document, submitted to love Shanghai.


5, because of the large amount of data, in order to facilitate the love Shanghai grab, RE development of the site map function instead of sitemap.txt, adding Sitemap in the robots.txt file, the new data will be generated every day in Sitemap.

AKD luxury cars mall

1, the new Shanghai love crawling less, the release of large amounts of data at a time, love Shanghai to react, still need to take more appropriate content gradually released, such as some enterprises must all products are released on the website in the line, can be considered by the nofollow tag or robots.txt control, love Shanghai included content, every day to continue to release data love Shanghai included.

love cooking has always been a station engaged in business promotion, just have the opportunity to operate millions of data business website, hope that through this whole operation details [live electric cars], so that we can have a concept of large sites to experience Shanghai Shanghai dragon, dragon chicken essence from the case. read more

Some tips on 6 commonly used methods of the chain

there is a saying in the website optimization, "content is king, the chain for the emperor". This shows the importance of the chain, we all know that the chain main purpose is to improve the site keywords ranking, improve website weight, so as to achieve a good collection. For a new station outside the chain of attention is a "steady", is the only two aspects, the first aspect refers to the number of the chain should be steady in the chain to avoid suddenly more and less phenomenon, not to do on the first day of hundreds, second days will not do, it is easy to determine search engine cheating, serious consequences. The second aspect is to send the chain to ensure that the forum can not always delete posts, so to love Shanghai spider impression is not good, but also a great influence on the railway station. Next I will share with you in the chain do some of the methods used by the read more

The four basic skills of practitioners engaged in Shanghai Longfeng optimization work must have

third, beginners should make their target optimization.

second: strict requirements for themselves gradually establish confidence of learning.

novice to enter the industry, the establishment of self-confidence is very important, such as the first to enter the network company, facing down the right site may feel at a loss, this time not impetuous, but also continue to explore their own leadership and timely communication, where exactly is a question, when one difficult problem is solved. The confidence will be gradually set up, so early we not impetuous, to think yourself more cattle than cattle, only to find out in the end is a rookie, in fact, the key problem is, you have to hold I was a rookie attitude, but the tactics must pay attention to it, so even if their operation strategy did not get a positive effect, also not being unable to get up after a fall hit, so I We do not seek advice, early speed, just a chance, after the company give yourself the opportunity, as long as you let colleagues see your efforts, this is the greatest affirmation, if encounter problems, a willingness to make an effort, I believe that the old man is still very happy to help you colleagues, do not self show wanted but also can not give up on themselves, this time to establish self-confidence is the key. read more

Shanghai dragon system diagnostic station optimization help web site to improve ranking

site optimization


Tilte is a website which we Shanghai Longfeng personnel in building site at the beginning should want to how to write, what word, believe each Shanghai dragon staff spent a lot of time in doing station. But you have the right to write to the Tilte web site keywords, keywords, description of the contents? Website keyword density had everyone in that two percent to eight percent, but this must be suitable for your site density? This depends on your site condition and decide, after all, each site are not the same, so the A5 diagnosis of Shanghai Longfeng optimization team to remind you specific site specific treatment, do not just stare at the death theory, reasonable Tilte can well improve website ranking.

chain is within their link to the content of the web site to your site inside pages, and we all know the website internal link structure, can improve your search engine and website weight. In the role of the chain is the chain effect is small, the structure of the site is composed of an inner chain composition, therefore, do not despise A5, Shanghai dragon group recommends your diagnosis and optimization and reasonable arrangement of internal links, anchor text link station is an important factor in the website keywords ranking, the first time the target keyword do a anchor text point to the home page, the weight can effectively improve the site’s home page, but also can improve the website keywords ranking. The same good directional anchor text between articles and articles that can effectively improve the website page weight and keywords ranking. The anchor text between reasonable section and section of articles and articles is a reasonable allocation of internal site weights, an effective way to improve these. Maybe we all know, but also hope and we can exchange together. read more

Shanghai Longfeng debate blog can become a weapon to build online brand practitioners

as an optimization personnel, I think most are grassroots or is the grass root level, and in our case of insufficient resources with the help of Shanghai Longfeng blog to create personal online brand is one of the most simple and effective way of benefits. Considering the actual situation as Shanghai dragon Er, our advantage is that you can do it yourself to enhance the flow of the blog. But we also need to pay attention to a problem to build a personal online brand and can not be said to have only enough traffic, said the popular point: no matter what platform you need a lot of the show, we can see Lu Songsong’s blog, although Lou loose blog now already very famous, but we are still you can always see his shadow in the A5, he can often be seen in the journal article on A5. At the same time, we also see that we need to introduce excellent articles often, imagine when the news source of these articles were included to love Shanghai, if I can see you write articles often in Shanghai news, so I think you can let a person remember all difficult. Of course, in this article we will properly reflect their own personal brand, that we can in the beginning or end where appropriate "zibaojiamen" on it. read more