What is the Shanghai dragon fight Shanghai dragon Er upgrade must guide

The fight is mentality

is the first to endure loneliness, search engine optimization, is a long-term thing, not immediately, from the website included in the rankings, at least a month or so. If such a short time, you can’t wait, just want to pass a few days of the immediate, then you do not fit the Shanghai dragon, wrap it; the second mind is calm, not because the ranking of gains and losses, and influence over their emotions. The ranking is good, don’t be too proud to analyze their optimism, because those optimization methods can help to consolidate and rank, rank, rank temporarily not ideal, not pessimistic, to think, what has done research deficiencies, the competitor is much stronger than what learning. For example, although I am standing in the search "Dalian sea cucumber prices" tonight, ranking the first tenth pages, but I have a trace of joy at the same time, barefoot rabbit I am calm, I understand if you do not continue to work hard, it is easy to lose ranking. read more

Website mobile imperative love Shanghai Webmaster Platform mobile special training salon detonated C

in September 10th, from Shanghai’s Webmaster Platform love love school, love Shanghai stationmaster Shanghai spider, Webmaster Platform senior engineer, products, education experts, a total of more than 10 people for the first time into the Changsha, and from central China, red net, golden eagle net China Huasheng online manufacturing network and other 59 well-known websites more than 90 senior managers and person in charge of technology exchange in depth how to better the trend of mobile website and love Shanghai interaction, to create a good experience for the users of mobile search and get more mobile traffic.

afternoon school is in the high-end salon owners dry cargo layer, experts from Shanghai love search resources cooperation department, Feng Bao Rui, Ji Dongqi, AppLink Product Manager Huang Yuhan explained the dynamic search tools and tools of the latest changes in future planning, mobile search traffic anomaly method, AppLink theme of prosecution. read more

A successful 10 day to kill a 7 of the weight of the site

I always believe this sentence: good! Is not reported, sow the wind and reap the whirlwind! Not to

home page

main web page: 300*50*300*=4500000 to achieve a simple calculation of the link structure of the chain based Mega specific certain more complex

OK, home probably gathered 300 popular keywords, and then click each keyword in Taobao is a guest single page, every single page at the bottom of a pile of about 50 words.

first, October 11th, website and shopping products massive relevant keywords ranking beyond Alibaba and other large mall website. Love Shanghai micro purchase here is his website, how brilliant ranking…

simple analysis: his home is a station group aggregation website page is simply a site navigation form (with all the popular goods, the following keywords title) is part of a screenshot of the read more

For what are the guiding significance for Shanghai dragon

Shanghai dragon in the future is difficult to account for the search marketing mainstream, for small and medium-sized enterprises or small website. For the web site, can play a long tail power, they are not afraid, I have seen more than 90% web site traffic comes from the long tail word. So they do not bid live well. The long tail force is difficult to develop the small and medium-sized enterprise site, because of the pursuit of co.. For example, a website you how so total on dozens of hundreds of pages, how can you get a lot of traffic, small and medium-sized general station of Shanghai Longfeng flow >

network marketing with traditional advertising has a huge difference, one major difference that can do precision marketing based on data. Do the bidding is beneficial to get a lot of data, such as a small business just to recruit a staff of the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon personnel for the enterprise products, customers, competitors in a short time is difficult to understand. One important may be many people ignore things, that is the search behavior of this industry is very difficult for us to understand. For example, we are doing the tin packaging, I never thought that users will search the tin box. The auction will have this feature, we can use widely, early, so that we obtain a large number of keywords in the short term, we can know the user’s search behavior, which can provide reference data for future precision marketing. read more

Luna chubby enterprise Shanghai Longfeng optimization conditions

1. has no other optimization.

this is the typical disease there are a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises, especially for some in the short term effect of the enterprise, when not considering the website optimization, website built, a recruit 3,4 optimization personnel, every day outside the chain, soft, forum, blog hair a pass, 3 months down the IP is up, but marketing is lackluster, get a headache, so, how to retain customers? Reference: Luna chubby Shanghai Longfeng how to retain visitors mouse

for the small and medium enterprises, network marketing has become an important part of Shanghai Longfeng undoubtedly become an important part of the network marketing, and optimize enterprise website management shortcomings in the text, have said that some small and medium-sized enterprise management loopholes, today continue to say that small and medium-sized enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng staffing loopholes. read more

How to analyze the mining site keywords high quality

2, use the search engine to provide the related words. Love in Shanghai or Google search, it will display a "search" toolbar is in the bottom of the search results page, these words are closely related to your keywords, users in the actual use of the word, don’t ignore them, they will also remember your paper. I still use the "hair" and "off the word" hair search, attention for finding related words, try not to choose too long or less traffic, otherwise the search word correlation may not be too high.

let’s say in detail, how to find the website keywords high conversion rate:

", "postpartum alopecia alopecia causes" two related words, add them to your keyword list. This adds a few new words, such as "hair", "hair do", "what to eat good hair", "young people hair loss" we use Baidu Index to see how they flow. read more

GTmetrix professional free web page loading speed evaluation

The following

3. a moment will be a result, provide a brief report to you (automatic rating Oh, and now the exam is like…


4. if you do not know your loading speed is fast or slow, you can enter a station to compare the results, such as the noble baby贵族宝贝

1. into 贵族宝贝gtmetrix贵族宝贝


2. map Analyze Performance of: input to test the web site:

here to talk about the method of use:

web page loading speed is the key for a website to imagine your love into a take a long time to be loaded in the website? Moreover, search engine also requests the web page loading speed. The web should be fast.

please indicate the transfer from the original link address: 贵族宝贝eincy贵族宝贝/gtmetrix


Gtmetrix is a free evaluation of foreign web page loading speed of service, very professional, provides a detailed report, and will save each site records, you can easily see the changes in the history of a website loading speed. read more

Grassroots webmaster reason for your answer web traffic anomaly

industries has his pale, peak seasons, we take the lottery lottery software industry, we do business, lottery sales will have an impact on us. We are in the winter season, this time the traffic will be relatively large, and we will reduce the flow of summer. For this season and season, I usually compared to last year’s data, to see whether the lottery industry has a big change, so the data analysis can see the change of the flow is caused by changes in the market site traffic anomaly or entire lottery industry.

in the process of website optimization, website traffic anomaly is often happens, but careful analysis of the abnormal data owners believe that few. Many webmasters may be more concerned about is the love of Shanghai, included, ranking the weight. The ranking did not fall, weight did not drop, other things are not important. In the lottery website operators work is highly valued for the traffic data analysis. read more

Correlation of readability strong original article is good article

readable articles in the website content update in common, because a lot of friends often ignore the website content relevance of this condition, although his writing is very good, every day to record their activities in a mood of wedding photography website, no mention of a wedding photography one eye, that is in the form of a diary to record their day, this article may attract a lot of friends to watch, but the site is meaningless, the general needs of customers are not interested to see your mood diary, only to see the wedding photography price and service.

readability poor non original articles

in addition to the above a build up to the "original" form of the article, then we also find there is false original form, such as a lot of Shanghai dragon Er to your site keywords and related to insert some articles, the aim is to improve the relevance of content, but. read more

A man will chase a dream in marketing in Shanghai Longfeng middle school

because I do the medical industry, medical industry saw this treasure network, slowly to the development of the network, all networks are of great customer source. It had said that an occupation: network editor. As a health care network, than other network editors need more attention, because your face is the patient, we must always with the idea in the first place, so as to make a series of medical network. So, how to start entering the network editor, medical Web Series code I wrote: "the three step is to do the work of health care network", seems to believe you will understand some things.

believe that we love Shanghai K station are very familiar with, from June 28th to now, the love of Shanghai started a large-scale K station, many sites affected, especially affected by the relatively large, such as Taobao station, medical station etc.. After this, the country owners began "encirclement and suppression" in the open bidding auction, all medical > read more

B2B website optimization Shanghai Longfeng experience to share this is a must see

3) classification information website. The number of classified information website included many, not much, is also much less energy, effectiveness.

he has been very good, this is the chain so long before such a point of the effectiveness of reason. But we can still share some experience, even if you fail, avoid detours.

The other 6

). Other favorites include library, and so on, they can go to the collection >

asked Shanghai dragon skills, master to give us advice always adhere to good original articles updated, and strive to create a high quality of the chain. Although this can be generic, but we also hope that can give us some way to do keyword ranking, and a little less detour. Here I share some of my experience in Shanghai since the Dragon experience.

because they have done the construction site, to understand some of the source code, so the work of this knowledge is a help to me. In the optimization of keywords ranking, to increase keyword density in the home page, 2%-5% of the best, we can reduce a lot of work of the construction of the chain, if not, will try to do the anchor text of the chain of some good quality. In addition, we rarely come into contact with the initial construction of the project, so a lot of time in the website structure are incapable of action, such as increasing the optimization project, keywords layout ah even bigger changes, so skip. read more

Collection ranked the original not included what is going on

but for some of the old site, they pay more attention to the acquisition of some methods, will not change the original author of the information, but also retained their information, and the collection of content for the website itself has a high correlation, but also love the broad masses of users, such as a lot of collection content can be obtained great views, because in the world of the Internet, search engines have to respect the spirit of sharing, collected from a sense content >

not included, and the old station acquisition has ranked the phenomenon does not love with Shanghai to enhance the level of intelligence will be completely resolved, because it relates to the core of the algorithm, the following is to find out.

After I think the emergence of new original

and for those who have to get through the acquisition of the old station ranking, and also seems to love Shanghai’s original spark program to love Shanghai because of misfits, collecting the search engine spiders the impression as if the Internet parasites, relying on others for creation and benefit, so love Shanghai search engine for this website is hit. read more

Analysis of first tier cities where moving net profit modelOld grass roots forum behind the establis

second: we can cooperate with the moving company, the customer order information sharing, only customers move to submit the information, we will give the moving company, of course we are divided into the mode of cooperation, so that better ensure and moving company cooperation, this is the effect of customers.

move profitmodel, of course we do not offend the moving company, because he is giving money to you, such as the words appear off, off, we should fill up with the greatest sincerity, so that cooperation will feel worthwhile, to bring our website

: first the development of the Internet is nothing more than advertising, of course this move of our local network is the same, but we must attract local moving company advertising! According to the general market, small advertising companies are moving 200—400 January, according to the circumstances of the. Although it’s only 200-400, we can recruit more advertisements. read more

Dry cargo sharing the chain query method

The first step of

The summary of

(Figure 1)

second =

site query syntax you yesterday. I don’t believe we will screenshots. Not to love Shanghai.

I used this method, it is hundreds of well! Two figure is my hair yesterday in an article "personal example and discusses the research for" love Shanghai algorithm in the article I have another station link. I also use other sites to try, as a spirit! Now it appears that at least two benefits: 1, can clear the query text chain you yesterday; 2, can text chain clearly check the opponent called the enemy can ever victorious! So I personally think that is very useful.

(Figure 2)

site is the income of yesterday’s query syntax. But we have no way to query stie chain. Directly to the site and colon removed, but the grammar may not only appear so remove the query chain yesterday. This is a small bug love Shanghai grammar! Welcome to communicate with me. read more

Discussion on Coca Cola advertising creative inspiration for Shanghai’s Dragon

Shanghai dragon image marketing

Shanghai dragon think-tank law

So This is

see here, what do you think? May the eyes of one thousand people, there will be one thousand Hamlett, let Xiao Xian to talk about her eyes of Hamlett.

, one of IQ, EQ can determine his occupation development prospects, but in this competitive society, BQ (Beauty quotient beauty) determines your contacts and promotion opportunities, hope Shanghai dragon as of today, face image, /p>! "

think-tank, Shanghai dragon may they feel what does this have to do with cola, do not know if you have noticed, Coca-Cola put the 8 above.

at Milan Fashion Week 2010 (September 2009), Coca-Cola (Coca Cola Light) to participate in the Italy fashion coat design eight famous fashion brands include: Alberta Ferretti, Blumarine, Etro, FENDI, Marni, Missoni, Moschino, Versace. read more

By the pseudo original Google refused to participate in the AdSense plan on site optimization errors

But in any case the

pseudo original, it is essentially a kind of plagiarism, but also to the original author’s respect. Without the consent of unauthorized use of someone else’s article is a kind of offense, not to mention the article will be modified out of order? Website optimization ranking we can enhance the sense of urgency.

, a pseudo original itself is a kind of plagiarism and fraud

is a pseudo original, not to write out, do site optimization friends how much they know some of the original false method, the author has also specifically wrote "highlights the website content optimization pseudo original analysis method" published in the A5 Adsense online, this paper summarizes and elaborates the pseudo original and quasi original methods. It should be said that many more in-depth pseudo original method, in fact, has been close to the original, or is a quasi original. Even with their own efforts as plagiarism, composition, also search engines are more likely to be recognized and accepted. read more

The use of sh419 search box Kuangzhuan 50 yuan a dayFifth view League cheat list

more information as in the League: http://s.top.admin5/u
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback

The5v alliance members: z1360566261
to eliminate alliance specifications, for everyone to create a fair environment of operation
if in doubt consult the technical staff of :105617
The5v bulletin
07.11.14 read more

What should an nternet Marketer really care aboutTalking about 2010 ways to earn money in regular n

3, start an online business,

is known as "reselling websites", and if you know how to build a website that is attractive and profitable, it can make you hit the nail on the head. Want to roughly estimate how much money the reselling website can make, go to SitePoint Marketplace to have a look.

5, join the ranks of paid sites

, such as the birth of search engines, is designed to make it easy for people to search for the information they want. was born to make people communicate easily, so they quickly became popular and traditional. For example, the immediate LBS technology, it >

2, learning affiliate marketing, mastering sales skills,

build your own online business or company and make a profit by selling your special services or products. Popular online trade include: web design, advertising copywriting, writing, online marketing, etc., just starting a business is very difficult, to recruit suitable candidates, but also have enough knowledge and the relationship within the industry. read more

The chaos of the media needs more systems to sustainGrassroots Entrepreneurship how to register the

from the current media although fiery, but still chaos, but also need more detailed laws and regulations to improve.

Zhang Aiguo believes that competition in the Internet industry is too large, coupled with no corresponding threshold and conditions, resulting in disorderly competition, some practitioners indulge in their own bottom line.

have done more successful in this regard is famous in the recruitment website, job has not registered and buy costly when choosing 51job.

is the first to determine the scope of the domain name according to their own website to do the service type and the theme, the aim is to promote their business to business, it should pay attention to brand protection, domain name choice must be conducive to the establishment of the brand. Here recommended brand initials, spelling Jianpin or domain name, it is best to double. In the absence of a better choice, a brief three spell is also considered. If you want the domain name has been registered, and the purchase is unlikely, you can add some specific characters 51, 91, I, e, ol, 123, 8, and so on. read more

What’s wrong with the nternet What about the stationmaster Where’s the way outshlf1314 has not been


good luck, PIN code is generated as early as possible, so you can receive the money in July! Also thanks to my two offline friends for helping me with this problem because they told GG in time to return the result.

entered in June, many people are unable to generate PIN problems, fifty can not generate PIN and phone activation, many people think that no personal identification verification and phone activation.

my two referrals were delivered by yesterday afternoon and this morning. The problems were resolved this morning and this afternoon! Usually send two mail!

personal opinion.

website is mainly eat advertising. Advertising costs come from advertisers. Advertisers and site owners are Yushuiguanji, and now the situation is very bad, who is responsible? "League + webmaster + powerful cheater team", network advertising should be small investment, big returns, advertisers say is very accounting propaganda. China’s economic form is good now. Even if the site is too much, it will not meet the needs of advertising. But why is there no advertising now?The reason is simple:

the main site on the purpose of advertising is very simple. "Income"

So what will launch

is invalid? according to the rankings. read more