Agency website filing is illegal

"our professional agents for the record, the speed of ultra fast, one minute to get." Recently, in a number of forums and e-commerce sites, the emergence of a website to help people quickly filing. These postings have claimed that due to the Ministry of information industry, the recent policy adjustments, it is difficult for the general website through the record, but they can help the site record success, and up to a few minutes to get. In this regard, the Shanghai communications administration official said, the site for the record process still unobstructed, remind the individual owners do not plan to leave their troubles and.

website is also the fastest one day

pat online, the reporter saw a called "Jie design studio" seller "website for the record / quick record / one minute record" has become a commodity, and a detailed description of the condition of the deal: "live station" that never had prepared the case of a website, Zhong Gaoding, cost 20 yuan is a station; and the user has been submitted but no record of the success of the site, known as the "dead station", ten minutes, the price rose to 50 yuan. Dead station filing more cumbersome, takes 10 minutes to pass, the cost is $50 a station. As long as the buyer to provide the name of the site, domain name, the name of the person in charge of the site, the record for short. read more

Google was named the world’s most valuable brand apple Microsoft followed

Google was named the world’s most valuable brand Apple followed by Microsoft Sina Technology News Beijing time on September 10th morning news, the British brand value consulting firm Brand Finance today announced the 2011 list of the world’s most valuable brands, Google, apple and Microsoft ranked three a.

Brand Finance assessment indicators include both the advantages, risks and future potential relative to competitors, including financial data, political environment and economic changes over the past six months.

Google to $48 billion 200 million this year, the world’s most valuable brand. Apple replaced Microsoft ranked second, brand value increased by 33%. Microsoft ranked third.

Brand Finance explained in a statement Apple’s valuation changes in detail. The statement said: Apple’s success, from innovative design, high consumer loyalty and excellent marketing capabilities. It is natural to think that, after Steve · (Steve Jobs) left, how Apple’s brand will be affected by the. However, with the implementation of the company’s innovative culture, Apple will still occupy an important position in the market." read more

Stationmaster net broadcast Ali opened fire on the Liu Qiangdong conference why UNQLO home

1 social network marketing for God "Mahatma" smooth return of  

in the industry generally well versed in "four points, six points and the movie", often because of a large number of high-quality film and marketing "suck" and defeat. With the year released "time 4" and "open Gardenia" compared to "journey to the west" the return of the king and the absolute is "suck".

but this is not a few months ago, a few people have heard of the film these days, but in many people’s circle of friends brush the screen. For a long time strongly recommended expectations and friends of domestic animation form a violent confrontation in people’s hearts, curiosity let the movie box office rapid counter attack. All of this "phenomenon" of the marketing effect from people questioned: this cartoon is how to light the social media, and how to use the Internet against other big movie Xuanfa read more

Adsense network broadcast Obama will be the first American president millet push air purifier

1.Lending Club raised the issue price: the highest fund-raising $808 million  

is the world’s largest P2P net loan platform Lending Club will be listed in the week, due to institutional investors active in the company on Monday will be the issue price range from the previous 10-12 $12 $-14, according to the number of issued 57 million 700 thousand shares, corresponding to the maximum amount of financing from 635 million dollars to 808 million dollars.

Lending Club program on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) listing, stock trading code LC. It will become the largest U.S. capital market this week, the largest body of IPO (IPO).

2007, P2P network lending platform Lending Club for helping lenders and borrowers to bypass the big banks, directly through the Internet lending to fame. Lending Club existing investors including Google, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & venture capital institutions; Byers, T. Rowe Price fund and asset management giant BlackRock (BlackRock). Since its inception, the company has contributed more than $6 billion in loans. read more

58 city announced by the Japanese classification information group Recruit injection

May 6th news, this morning, in the Ganji has just announced a $70 million C round of financing on the occasion, as the main rival Ganji, 58 city announced the Japanese maximum classification information group Recruit group injection.

currently, 58 city has not yet announced the specific amount of capital injection. 58 city said, Recruit group is a strategic investor injection of 58 city, in addition to the financial level of cooperation, the two sides will further conduct a comprehensive cooperation in the business.

in fact, this is the 58 city in December last year after the completion of the third round of financing of $60 million financing again. After this round of financing, 58 city will further increase the intensity of marketing efforts to better meet the needs of the rapid development of the market. read more

Putian era ended how to change the capital and the nternet this year private health care

editor’s note: in the past two years, the Internet and cross-border integration of the real economy is accelerating, from the transformation of technology, channels, business model, strategic transformation and so on, the Internet will bring profound changes to the traditional industry? The traditional industry "Internet plus" will launch a series of reports on the status of science and technology Tencent at the end of the year, involving finance, real estate, culture, tourism, sports, medical, energy, manufacturing, retail and other areas, from the perspective of traditional industries to provide the analysis and Thinking on the value of Internet practitioners.



Yimin Han Technology TencentA judicial interpretation of the Supreme People’s court

nearly two days of revisions, causing concern in the medical industry. read more

Can not afford to do single Larry domain Three spell counter attack to be optimistic

renamed China ( November 17th hearing, if the phonetic domain accounted for more than half of the country in the domestic market, so that half of the country are basically belongs to a single, Shuangpin domain name. Compared to the two scenery, three spelling domain name is not optimistic about the industry. But the day before, the "micro office" domain name sale price of 150 thousand yuan in the name Chinese a platform, let the people of the 3 spell domain name three spell domain name to sit up and take notice,

counter attack?

is reported that micro office 3 spell domain is a well-known domain name investor Guo Jianguang manually registered. Speaking of Guo Jianguang, his hand can be traded over a lot of fine three spell domain name, for example, was sold to him at the price of $9999 Maybelline, and the cost of the domain name is only a few dozen dollars. At present, Guo Jianguang hand now holds "Zhongguancun", " Spring Snail", "World Cup" a number of boutique three spell domain name. read more

After 80 webmaster how to succeed

80 stationmaster seems to be too much, always want their website can be in a year or half a year on the development of large, even a month to expand the site, this quick, ambitious attitude, how can we make a good website?

Internet compared with traditional industries, now only the tip of the iceberg, its development prospects are immeasurable. Basic necessities of life, entertainment, media, sports culture, emotional communication and so on, is a hidden gold mountain. However, the people who dug into the gold mine are often those who stick to it and never give up. As long as you have a heart, no matter what type of site, as long as the refreshing, innovation, innovation, add content, can not be recognized three years later today, just as the site is now famous as outstanding.

good content and timely content updates, often the key to a successful website. But how many 80 stationmaster do!!? It seems not a few, because see a lot of articles for flow in stationmaster net and heave great sighs, was sued Baidu casually pulled out of the hair be beneath the human character. Such personal webmaster too much, and that they are not as owners, says that they are just network enthusiasts, just entertain themselves website. How many personal webmaster, do website is starting from the point of view, but for the sake of users demand? Speak bluntly this is a website, only to see their own furnishings. Don’t keep one in your bedroom furnishings, you will attract tourists? Absolutely not, if any, that is the only way a wanderer. This IP and PV is not going to have to look back at your site, let alone to click on your ad! read more

Wang Tong quickly take a good name for the N case

today to share a series of named cases, including: personal name, positioning the name, product name, book name, brand name, etc..

I have a copy planning class students, the original name is called Mei Shiyu, the name is very large, leading to his personal temper is very irritable, so I helped him change his name.

they need simple:

1, the name to change his character

2, the name can fill his energy

3, the name lets a person see temperament

how can I name him


first step: five line analysis

I asked him about the time of birth, and then with a count, he five lines of wood and water

so, I’m going to give him a name, fill the water.

second steps: find the corresponding word

many of the traditional masters name when only considering the five line, as the name is very Runtu, soil and soil. read more

Financing gambling saliva battle sharing bicycle market battle has begun

The confluence of

Beijing and Suzhou Street Danleng street, is one of the ofo in the first place on the city market.

a red body placed in the 200 meters outside the v-mobile bike.

September 26th, ofo access to tens of millions of dollars from the trip to strategic investment.

September 30th, v-mobile C round of financing exposure, the amount of nearly $100 million, Hillhouse capital, Warburg Pincus investment led.

October 10th, ofo announced the acquisition of tens of millions of dollars C2 round of financing, with the C1 round of investment totaling $130 million.

October 13th, v-mobile announced a new round of financing, Tencent and beauty group Wang personally into the bureau.

shared bike war has begun.

capital and peers, ofo and Mobell confrontation in the business and on the market. read more