VeriSign the latest statistics of the world’s top domain name registration number over 200 million

news March 1st, VeriSign (Verisign) recently released "the fourth quarter of 2010, the domain name industry report", data show that in the fourth quarter of 2010, a total of nearly 3 million 500 thousand new global Internet domain name.

as of the end of the fourth quarter of 2010, the total number of all the world’s top Level (Top Domains, TLD) registered a total of 205 million 300 thousand, compared with the 2010 quarter of third, an increase of 1.7%. This figure increased by 6.3% over last year, that is, the domain name registration amount of 12 million 100 thousand.

at the end of the fourth quarter, the total number of.Com domain and.Net domain name VeriSign management is about 105 million 200 thousand. In the fourth quarter, the total number of new.Com and.Net domain names registered about 7 million 600 thousand, compared with the same period last year increased by 4%. The fourth quarter.Com/.net renewal rate of 72.7%, compared with the third quarter of 72.8% decreased slightly. read more

Why Chinese household appliances to capture Mexico or can occupy North America

China’s home appliance industry in Mexico the opportunity to come.

, as the two main target of the anti globalization argument of Trump, the president of the United States, China and Mexico may face too many variables after taking office. But this may bring opportunities for Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises.

China of household electrical appliance enterprises in Mexico, will gain a firm footing, North American headquarters lock in Mexico, equivalent to the North American and Latin American countries opened the door, or the future of the United States can alleviate possible trade sanctions. Even, you can take advantage of the geographical advantage of the rapid penetration of Latin American countries.

labor costs, geographical location, the advantages of free trade, these three advantages to establish the status of Mexico in the global home appliance industry. read more

Stationmaster net broadcast third party payment is the first summit collapse of high risk vulnerabil

1 WeChat total lift squatting tide or forced to name or title

WeChat recently conducted in 2014 the last wave of product adjustment, the concern is named "the number of certified public deregulation", two certification rules involved in relevant content although the relaxation of the name of the certification restrictions, can not be the same rules also gave the name of the certification through large provided protection, but also made a lot of small drill the rules, the name of the large-scale cybersquatting "unauthorized" large ones, such as "a" and "visual records", malicious cybersquatting phenomenon continues to expand by their large concerns.

this, WeChat aspects to the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, said that if there is a user that WeChat public platform has been certified public name violation of their legitimate rights and interests, complaints. After verification, we will be forced to name or title infringement account processing. read more

Webmaster do you see the rise of rural netizens

January 17, 2008, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the twenty-first China Internet report. Among them, the total number of Internet users, such as 10 percent of the data has become the focus of the majority of experts, industry insiders. (click to view the top 10 data ); which rapidly growing rural Internet users constitute an important part of the new Internet users. 2007 annual growth rate of more than 100% rural users, reaching 127.7%, the number of Internet users in rural areas reached 52 million 620 thousand. 73 million new Internet users in the proportion of 4, that is, from the rural areas of 29 million 170 thousand.


please note the red font. Single from the data, the number of Internet users in rural areas is indeed very rapid growth, it is estimated that this year there will be greater development! read more

Baidu Robin Li foreign nternet Co in Chinese market was down to earth

news agency in Hongkong on 13 January, (reporter Huang Yiqi, Li Qiwei) the Asian financial forum held in Hongkong on 13, said Baidu founder, chairman and chief executive officer Robin Li to discuss the opportunities China theme, past many foreign Internet Co to enter the China market did not succeed, mainly because they do not regard the study as an independent China the market. Foreign Internet Co to Chinese "down to earth" to understand the local market success.

Robin Li pointed out that the rapid development of China’s Internet industry. For example, e-commerce business, and now China’s e-commerce accounted for the proportion of China’s retail and e-commerce accounted for the proportion of u.s.. E-commerce in the United States each year to 10 percent growth rate, while China’s e-commerce growth rate of 70% to 80%. You can imagine a few years to ten years, China e-commerce accounted for the proportion of total retail sales will be substantially more than the United States, then look at the China Internet market, or the entire Chinese economy will have great changes. read more

Lok network closed 1 months said the news is expected to resume next week

industry insiders believe that shutting down in January has been the basic camp away from the first camp, I am difficult to restore the vitality of the music network, invested tens of millions of dollars in investment risk losses will be very heavy. , one of the top three video sites in China, ( has been closed since June 4th. The company’s explanation is that all video data is being maintained, and the system on a large scale upgrade". However, a number of video industry insiders told reporters that up to 1 months of shutting down because of its strict supervision of video content.

although the responsible person will adhere to open the site in the near future, but the industry believes that January has shut down its basic and banished from the first camp, the company strength is difficult to restore, in which tens of millions of dollars of venture capital loss will be very heavy. read more

Build network red Sina micro blog launched short video author support program

with the Papi sauce, Skm breaking sound, Ercoli Lee, who quickly became popular, the short video economy intensified, is undoubtedly the most efficient way to attract social networking powder, but also spawned the birth of a number of network red.

these two days, Sina micro-blog also withdrew from the short video author support program.

This is the Sina

then before another support program from the media plan, although some netizens commented Papi sauce is not replicated, but if the field has a similar Papi sauce, presumably is excellent.

short video economic trends

a "2015 mobile video applications industry report" shows that in all mobile video applications, a minimum number of short video applications, accounted for only 6.1%, but the user substantial, an increase of 401.3%. read more

Baidu wireless search released 10 days of on line search of the novel by ten million

(Baidu search interface screenshot)

days ago, Baidu released a novel wireless search service (, by optimizing the technology exclusive, for mobile phone terminal can provide different perfect novel query reading experience. From Baidu’s internal data show that only 10 days on-line search, user access to hot flow and the product flow steady over 10 million, which marks the Baidu mobile phone is about to detonate the popularity of the novels, opens up a new era of mobile phone reading.

Baidu wireless novel search adhering to the Baidu has always been simple and easy to use style, layout, fresh, reasonable layout, color and pleasant, can fully meet the needs of users happy browsing. By virtue of "massive Baidu search index database, Baidu wireless search covers romance, fantasy, martial arts, through the city, and all other categories of popular novels. In addition, users can read the latest updated list of novels to read the latest, most popular, the most popular writer. And through the novel search home page related post bar entrance, users can also follow up the trend of the novel paste it, with the same reading preferences to share the reading experience. read more

Adsense gospel VPS host to open up the new silk road

came to the end of 2008 as summer goes and winter comes, the twinkling of an eye, the pages of history and will open a new page, the market development of the wheel as a change of technology change rapidly in the industry, IDC (Internet Data Center) business is also in constant development and change. Last year, we are still looking forward to the most anticipated new technologies and new products in 2007, and this year we will soon witness the upgrading of these products. We are optimistic about the last technology, VPS is undoubtedly very brisk.

virtual machine is unstable and hard task, independent host is too expensive, as a property right to use! Search for "VPS" in the Google search engine, you will see many overseas VPS service information, VPS as a new market needs to have a "host revolution" of the cyclone in china. At present, many domestic service providers have launched VPS service products, according to the Chinese name manager Xie Yong said, sales of VPS host is good, strong growth momentum. VPS can not completely replace the traditional virtual host, but there are still many low-end users, but VPS has all the advantages of independent host, and independent host than cost savings for operators, it also saves the independent electricity costs, therefore, this technology is worth promising market prospect. read more

Classified information website domain name The annual inventory ganji com 1 years heavily to buy tw

years of hard operation, year-end inventory, what is the harvest? A year later, the network of each big website this year there have been some things, or the acquisition or enable domain is constantly being exposed, recently Ganji community network enabled, melon seeds, is to become the end of go to the market this year, the focus of concern, what are the


market advertising wedding dress he red donkey nets

believes that in February this year, the Chen Yao took a donkey to the market or the ads should be impressed! At that time, this one is true and false advertising attracted the "donkey nets" dispute made in the network domain was raise a Babel of criticism of the people network, registered and launched the "donkey nets". People borrow this advertising received very high traffic, but this can also direct short-term, ultimately, the people of the donkey was silent in the limelight after. Ganji in the advertising event, spent a lot of money to buy a domain name after the experience, also made some adjustment strategies. read more