U S mission network responded CCTV report to give reasonable compensation to the parties

March 18th, for the United States Mission Network strawberry picking items can not pick reports, the U.S. mission network today responded that it will contact the people at that time, giving the parties a reasonable compensation.

U.S. mission network

said: "CCTV reported strawberry picking things through our internal investigation, in 2010 May, when the entire group purchase industry is still in the embryonic stage of development, for this seasonal, business initiative to control the group purchase products, the whole industry is still on the way to the state, but the original intention all is good, is to be able to bring benefits to consumers, it is a prerequisite of group purchase industry appears."

CCTV "3 – 15" column in action last night exposure group purchase websites are not chaos, such as audit group purchase enterprise qualification, providing false goods, can not guarantee the quality of group purchase goods, the U.S. group net, handle network and sold out network group purchase website were named. read more

The cross border electricity supplier SF sea Amoy cut overseas O2O


cross-border electricity supplier SF sea Amoy, announced the release of the 4/29 O2O (Online to Offline, the overseas online cross line) sightseeing cross-border shopping channel "authentic", first introduced, jade village, sugar Yuzhen Xin, the old Taiwan 100 famous delicacy Zhennan shop from the island of Taiwan, the next will expand rapidly to Hongkong, Japan, South Korea, Asia’s most popular tourist attractions, the breakthrough year doubled overseas travel on Chinese million tourists shopping scene, provide overseas fresh shopping experience foreign culture, free delivery orders direct mail to Chinese, sustainable consumption "after returning to the new business services.

SF "authentic" sea Amoy channel, May online travel website Ctrip, where is the largest shareholder of Taiwan telecom operators, as well as the star of Taiwan sugar village Taiwan 100 famous shop together in Taiwan, symbolic landmark Taipei 101 building on both sides of the media conference held. SF sea Amoy announced strong demand based on China citizens abroad for sightseeing and shopping, to create cross-border mobile shopping closed loop scene, Chinese passengers abroad before receiving targeted SMS alert notification, the local prepaid card provided by SF sea Amoy and Taiwan star, on the road using mobile Internet location service (LBS, Location-Based, Services) accurate to attract tourists to SF sea Amoy ground joint stores, while experiencing the real goods, to the mobile client orders in Taiwan local specialty stores and shopping centers in the country, home address, direct mail distribution back to passengers. By SF sea Amoy overseas O2O service, Chinese travellers, see the most timely Chinese product details in mobile phone in mobile shopping, order direct mail to China, no longer need to hard delivery to the airport. Back to Chinese, also can by SF sea Amoy mobile terminal and Ctrip accompanying purchase channels, long-term focus and sustained consumption overseas merchants released the latest commodity. read more

The development of the pharmaceutical electronic commerce a good pharmacist health mall industry exa

along with the electronic commerce Shirupozhu influence continues to expand, in more and more people have been accustomed to online shopping at the same time, there are more and more companies continue to join the electric force, the pharmaceutical industry is no exception. The potential and speed the development of electronic commerce naturally no doubt, but to win to win the market, get the recognition of consumers is not easy, especially directly related to the safety of people’s life and health of the pharmaceutical industry.

recently, the reporter interviewed the China’s largest online pharmacies, leading the direction in the field of medicine electronic commerce good pharmacist health Mall (www.ehaoyao.com), and the mall responsible person on the status quo and development direction of China’s pharmaceutical business, and discusses the development experience of good pharmacist health mall. read more

Rural electricity supplier is not just a slogan system how bad you made it

online shop online upgrade this fire has burned to the countryside.

was founded in November 2015 Nongze Sheng this new project is intended to integrate the township level of supermarkets and shops, play a different rural electricity supplier.

"township level supermarkets and shops and supermarkets in the city format is the same, but can play a role is completely different. The supermarket can undertake a variety of functions. Nongze Sheng is to tap the potential energy of the terminal shop." Nongze Sheng co-founder Wang Yang said.

"according to our survey, about 30% of the villages and towns supermarkets have used IT system, but for various reasons to give up." Wang Yang pointed out that the current level of the township supermarket almost did not use the IT system, which also led to the lack of rural consumer data. read more

Electricity supplier intensive PO valuation gap reflects Wall Street double standard

Beijing, May 11, last week, domestic electricity intensive in the United States to submit IPO application, Ali, jumei.com, Jingdong has submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission SEC (Updated) IPO prospectus. So far, the United States listed in the mainstream B2C electricity supplier will reach 5.

5 in stocks listed on the mainstream B2C business, except Ali exceeded 100 billion U.S. dollars valuation, valuation of other 4 companies (market capitalization) from $800 million to $24 billion. The gap between the very poor, and in-depth analysis, the key indicators for the scale of household business enterprise valuation and business volume, serious deviation.

electricity supplier intensive in the United States IPO valuation gap

May 7th, Ali to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission submitted the prospectus, is expected to issue a final amount or in the $15 billion to $20 billion, Wall Street analysts on Ali expected valuation of $136 billion to $245 billion. read more

Why does the Amazon streaming media device of muddy water

[Abstract] Amazon’s main business philosophy is to allow the company to do everything".

BI Chinese station on April 2nd reported

Will hold a media event in New York, Amazon

Wednesday, expected the company will launch a new equipment – whether the device is dongle or set-top box — it can let users in TV play from the Amazon, or streaming video content in Netflix and Hulu.

has reported that Amazon’s device will run Google (micro-blog) Android operating system, but also can act as a video game console. The flow of media equipment market competition has been very intense, Amazon’s devices will be Apple’s Apple TV, Roku or Google Chromecast direct confrontation. In this case, Amazon why muddy water drips


in the last year, Brad · Stone (Brad Stone) published last year about Amazon’s works "everything store: Geoff · Bezos and Amazon (The Everything Store: Jeff" Bezos and the Age of Amazon.), the author once wrote, "the Amazon will launch a mobile phone or TV set-top box and Internet connection? That would be the case, because the company hopes to make their services appear in all the network equipment, so Amazon customers do not have to rely solely on the main competitors of hardware." read more

Asia’s top domain name Asia fully activated

      ad hoc non-profit organizations reported in September 24th operating.Asia top-level domain name registration DotAsia, today announced the formation of a strategic partnership with the four leading Chinese registrar, start the registration of this important program in the area of the top level domain in the largest market in the world, to lay a solid foundation for the expansion of the registered.Asia domain name completely.

extends.Asia enables companies and individuals to lock the world’s largest Internet community, and to provide a new platform for the search for relevant information in asia. And enhance the company’s brand and online identity linked the new top-level domain for the company, brand and market marketers can highlight the company attaches great importance to the Asian market. read more

What is the cross border separatist warlords fight

Internet penetration in people’s daily life even more is to get in by every opening, online shopping transaction model to subvert the traditional line, making the global free trade become an indisputable fact. In recent years, with China’s Internet economy booming, the rapid growth of e-commerce, the momentum of development, according to the commerce department’s latest statistics show that in 2014 China’s e-commerce transactions amounted to 13 trillion yuan, including B2B and retail network, an increase of 25%, net retail sales amounted to 2 trillion and 800 billion, an increase of 49.7%. Among them, the China Electronic Commerce Research Center monitoring data show that in the first half of 2014, China’s cross-border e-commerce transactions in the total amount of 3 trillion yuan, of which cross-border retail about $300 billion. Forecast of Global trade patterns and the report released by the Ministry of Commerce, 2016 China cross-border electricity import and export volume will increase to 6 trillion and 500 billion yuan, the annual growth rate of over 30%, which means that the cross-border electricity supplier industry will usher in a golden age of their own "". read more

BBC China quest online shopping hand chop Party 100 thousand Group annual consumption of 30 billion

British media said that after becoming the world’s second largest economy, China is trying to contribute to economic growth from the export of investment to domestic consumption led change.

according to Broadcasting British Corporation website reported on September 23rd, China’s official economic growth in the first half of this year was 6.7%, but the service industry growth rate of up to 7.5%. Analysts said that consumption has continued to be the "first Chinese economic growth engine: the first half of this year, consumer spending on China contribution to economic growth rate of 73.4%, respectively, over the same period last year and last year increased by 13.2 percentage points and 13.5 percentage points. Meanwhile, the first half of China’s physical goods online retail sales grew by 26.6%, higher than the growth rate of total retail sales of social consumer goods growth rate of 16.3 percentage points. read more

Exclusive analysis electricity supplier tide will reshape the social business model

[news] May 22nd

billion state power Jingdong today, success in the United States IPO, access to capital markets were booming……. In the Jingdong, has the largest domestic cosmetics vertical electric jumei.com landing on the NYSE, the Jingdong, there are more ferocious giant electricity supplier Alibaba listed as a whole. In 2014, foster years China blue chip stocks were basically already successfully listed.

and the wave of shock waves, but also far from being able to fully reflect the share price and market capitalization. As you can see, the business model of the entire retail industry will be reshaped.

1, since then, single business retail business has been unable to compete with the electricity supplier at the same level, the next 5 years, jobs will lose $30%.

after the completion of the listing of the electricity supplier market power will be stronger, physical goods sold to a certain size (number of SKU Jingdong has more than 40 million, Ali is the times, this is any one single business retail enterprises can not be compared, its convergence) derived from the huge user resources and information all can be used as resources, service resources and commodity resources development and sales. Product gross margin is typically only 10%, then formed between services and goods Maori is usually more than 70% (the Alibaba is not a proprietary platform that is essentially a kind of information service in 2013, its gross margin is more than 70%). read more